Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Re-Purchase Shopping!

It had been a busy week for me so far, unknowingly, its mid of the week (Wednesday) already. I did some shopping recently but they are mainly re-purchase so i decided to share with you gals what are the stuffs i actually did re-purchase with, most are my HG products that i could hardly go without with.

Ichikami Conditioner Refill pack, Kiss Me Mascara Remover,Skyn Iceland The ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion,Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat,L"Oreal Studio Secrets Secret No. 1 Magic Perfecting Base, Garnier PurActive Roller Pen,K Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 01 Natural Brown, St Ives Scrub in Green Tea

Ichikami Conditioner Refill pack:
Price: SGD9.90 (now having promo only SGD7.90)
Content: 250ml
I first tried this conditioner after being contacted by their PR and somehow it become my staple conditioner already. Previously, its only available in bottles which is not environmental friendly. I'm happy that they introduced it in refill pack.

Kiss Me Mascara Remover:
Now selling as part of promo set of mascara + mascara remover @ SGD21.90
Tried this when it was part of a set when i purchased their Kiss Me Long & Curl Mascara. I was quite skeptical about how it should work. Steps to use are simple, simply apply on my lashes (with mascara, of course) and wait for a while before i gently wipe away with cotton pad that contains the eye makeup remover. Its certainly a breeze to remover mascara. So far it work on mascaras i used for the past few months. Sort of worth purchasing as i mentioned its part of a set.

Skyn Iceland The ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion
Price: SGD55.00 from
Content: 52ml
This moisturizer was gifted by BirkinBagBeauty giveaway back in Nov'09. WOW thats so long ago! ok, i hit pan totally on the one she gifted me. Recently, i'm experiencing some breakouts so i went thru my previous posting and found out that i used this moisturizer previously and it works pretty good in calming down my stressed skin. So decided to give it a try again. YES! it works... HEEE HEE

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
Price: via spree cost about SGD13+ plus a mth of wait
you may purchase in-stock from @ SGD12.80
Content: 15ml
I believe most of you heard or tried this fab top coat that can dry your polish in no time. This HG top coat is my must-have otherwise i would have to spend long time facing the fan drying my nails.

L"Oreal Studio Secrets Secret No. 1 Magic Perfecting Base
Price: USD12.95, similar version in SGD29.90
Content: 15ml
I reviewed this perfecting base previously, it did a good job in keeping my pores conceal and smoothen the surface of my skin. As this allows me to apply foundation/bb cream more evenly. I'm almost finishing my current pot so this new one will kicks in once i completely hit pan.

Garnier PurActive Roller Pen
Price: SGD19.90
Normally last about 3-4 months
Garnier have previously released roller pen for eyes but i'm more interested in this one. Purchased this out of curiosity, as there are times i'm lazy to apply all other acne product that requires my finger to work. With this roller pen, i could simply apply by rolling the pen over required area. I wouldn't say its 100% effective but its fuss free and works most of the time.

K Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 01 Natural Brown
Price: SGD19.90
Normally last about 3 months
This is definitely my HG eyebrow product! I do not use any other eyebrow pen at all. As its very long lasting, my eyebrow are still there after sweating out in gym. How Amazing right. Think this is my 3rd or 4th pcs already.

St Ives Scrub in Green Tea
Price: USD6.59
Content: 4.5oz/133ml
Its started all as a gift! So easy, i got hooked... and hit pan tubes by tubes... So i got into getting myself 3 tubes as backups for this round. Doesn't want to order too much, as i def prefer fresh products.. I like how its lightly scented and keeping my skin feeling oil-free. The grains are so much finer as sompare to their famous apricot scrub. K recently did a review which you can refer! Review: St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea scrub - a scrub for daily use. Review: St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea scrub - a scrub for daily use Its suitable for my daily routine, YES i use this everyday!

Is there any HG/Almost HG product that you can't help to re-purchase??


  1. ooh i just used up the garnier roller pen! sometimes it works sometimes it does not but i feel that the 7 days complete heal advertisement on tv is pure gimmicky..ooh yes i like the conditioner too!! ^_^

  2. Great repurchases! I love when I hear about things that girls have repurchased!!
    Thanks for the link to my blog! That scrub is really a great product. I wish I could buy it more frequently!


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