Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nail Swatch: OPI Silver Shatter + LA Splash Black Sea

My colleague bought this OPI Silver Shatter @ Robinsons @ SGD23.55 when she was out shopping last week and show me her nails at the start of the week. I was like OH so PRETTTYYY. So she offered to let me try it on my nails...and she also provide me with a black polish since i own none till date. Muacks.

it looks just like any other silver polishes except for the shatter prints on the cap

Here's the silver shatter!

When black meets silver!

I used LA Splash in Black Sea as base and silver shatter for the shatter finish.

I like their statement, dare to make waves??

There is a short instruction on how to use the shatter polish.

Overall, i'm pleased with the result. The shatter look is kinda new to me even though it had been circulating in the blogsphere for sometime. But i din have the time to pick it up till now. I'm targetting for the black & red shatter and not to mention their blues are releasing soon. The formula for the LA Splash was ok but i din like the long lasting overwhelming chemical smell. Anyone else tried LA Splash without experiencing the strong smell? Pls let me know as it kinda deter me from purchasing anything from them.

Did you pick up the shatter?

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