Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Meiji Collagen C Drink

COLLAGEN! I believe many beauty lovers like to hear of this ingredient when they are selecting for a product. I had seen many moisturizer, sheet mask, hand cream even the famous meiji collagen drink. I tried that too, even thoughit does taste fishy!...

Recently, i chanced upon one of meiji's product which is the collagen Vit C drink! Doesn't it sounds great as i need plenty of Vit C to avoid getting sick and stay really healthy. And also collagen to makes my skin feels great too.

Its certainly a nice idea to combine both together!

Each pack contains 8 sachets of 12g powder.

These little sachets make it easy for me to bring it along whether for work or outing... Its also straight forward that one sachet equals to one glass.

Here's how it looks!

Product details: 8 sachets x 12g
Price: SGD6.60 for each pack
I got it in Grapefruit flavor, which reduced the fishy collagen taste to not so noticeable as compare to their trademark collagen powder. Its very convenient, as the powder dissolves in even cold water. I fancy the idea of consuming two essential ingredients in one drink even though i'm a juice drinker. Vitamins from food is never too much. The price is still affordable as OG (departmental store name) always have this 20% for any special occasion which makes it easier for me to stock up.

Any beauty food you are hook on recently?


  1. i will try to look for this! i hated the fishy smell from collagen drinks but since you mentioned it is not so noticeable for this one,thanks for the review! :) hi from malaysia

  2. Oh, I love japanese suppliments! :D Want to drink them all.... ^^`

  3. this sounds good! anything with collagen is good hehe i'm on my last packets of collagen coffee

  4. wer can i buy this in philippines???


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