Monday, September 19, 2011

Concrete Crumble Nails with Canmake Crack Lac Nail Polish & OPI Skulls & Glossbones

Hey all,

here is the other range of crack effect nail polish that i purchased. This time its Canmake, a japanese brand endorsed by Lena Fuji (she had been fronting canmake advertisement) So far i had only tried their lip gloss and nothing else. I hardly have access to Japanese Brand Nail Polish other than Majolica Majorca i guess...

 The nail polish are packed in transparent plastic box. So you can see the content easily and i love how they deco the box lightly by adding some tiny prints...

Pictorial is printed on the box itself, i seriously think Japanese are really eco friendly ppls, this is a good way to present your products & save the planet with less printout...

I choose to match the canmake black crack lac with this OPI Skull & Glossbones which i purchased but yet to swatch as i think you gals must have seen alot of this shade been swatched..

 This is the black crack lac nail polish, in simple squarish glass packaging.

 How do you find it?
Another pic taken in natural roomlight.

Price: HKD75, SGD14.90
Available: SASA, Watsons
My Review:

The forumla is slightly richer as compare to the Alessandro one i tried earlier. And the cracking was really chunky thus you dun get to see too much blending going on. I would prefer the Alessandro one than this as its much finer and i prefer that grainy look. The only problem might be this crack coat seems to drink too much of my seche top coat and leave my nails looking not so shine and tip chipping happen much easily.

I still have one more range of crack/shatter nail polish to intro!

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