Friday, September 23, 2011

Review: Mentholatum Acne Medicated Powder Lotion

I'm still having a on & off affair with acne on my skin. There are days I'm blessed with the perfect skin that I can do makeup on like an artist painting on canvas. There are also days I'm cursed with the worse breakout that how I wish I don't have to step out of my doorstep. So picking up products that claimed to cure or even prevent acne are always top of my list when it comes to shopping whether is it online of physically.

As my skin tend to drink up toner really quickly so I thought it would be a good idea to try out drugstore #1 Japan Medicated range toner and see if they really deliver? Mentholatum is a commonly known Japanese drugstore range but they actually started in USA not Japan . Anyway, they gain tons of fame in Japan as they produce a wide range of products like my HG BB Cream.

Info: (Extracted from their website)
Contains oil-absorbing powder to keep face clean and fresh for long hours. Refines pores and keeps your face free of oil.
  • Anti-bacterical 
  • Smoothing
  • Oil-Control
  • Moisture Retention
  • Unclog & Refine Pores
Its a clear plastic bottle which allows you to see the powder & clear liquid.

The expiry date is printed at the bottom. I preferred the manufacturer to print it somewhere on the bottle or tube itself than the box as there is a high chance you would throw the box away.

Price: SGD7.90, HKD36.90
Content: 150ml
Available: Watsons
My Review:
Initially I wasn't used to the shake before you use procedure which is a must for this toner. I need to well mix the liquid as before applying to my skin. The powder tend to resides at the bottom of the bottom so you need to shake it before use. This product has a faint menthol kind of refreshing scent that goes away after awhile so no worries. After applying after face wash, my skin feels slight cooling & refresh for quite a while due to the mattifying effect by the powder which keeps oil away from my skin. It does a pretty good job in oil control as I noticed I require less blotting these days or did my skin condition improve? haha I'm not sure about the unclog & refine pores effect as i dun see much different from my facial session (extraction still painful). I do feel it somehow subsides a bit of my slight breakout recently but I'm greedy and want more miracle to happen.

This is a wallet friendly priced toner that does work, I would consider to re-purchase as it does its job as described. And my toner always hit pan really fast, btw its almost to its last drop!

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  1. Thank you for the review! Have you tried the other Rohto toner? The skin conditioner?

    This sounds as though it does a good job especially for the price bracket.


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