Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: Heroine Make Essence in BB Cream 01

This review is super overdued! As i did this purchase last year thru my girlfriend or myself (i can't remember haha)

I had been addicted to various BB cream, while exploring further i got this. Since i heart Kiss Me Mascara so much, i thought i should give this a go too. Its called Heroine Make Essence in BB Cream 01 with SPF30. Upon its launch in Singapore, it had been raving hard on how well it can work.

Rather than the usual way of packaging BB cream in box, it comes in just a disposable paper packaging just like how its mascara been packed.

Since its purchased in Taiwan/HK (can't remember) so the ingredients list and information are all in Chinese.

Information I extracted from

Kiss Me HEROINE MAKE Essence In BB Cream is a multi-functional base cream. It provides 7 effects. It corrects erose pores, repairs, reduces dullness, acts as liquid foundation, protects against UV rays, relieves dry skin, and controls oil. It absorbs excess sebum and prevents make-up from coming off.
Containing super-hyaluronic acid and nano collagen, it allows you to retain skin’s moisture while applying make-up.
The SPF30 PA++ product protects against UV rays.
It does not contain perfumes or mineral oil. The natural skin colour is compatible with the skin of Japanese.

how to use it
Use after daily skincare. Apply a proper amount to entire face.

Super-hyaluronic acid, nano collagen: to moisturize skin

The 25g BB Cream comes in a flat skinny small tube that is very handy when it comes to traveling i guess.

It comes in a narrow nozzle that enable you to have a better control on dispensing the product

Swatch of the BB Cream via natural lighting.

Price: SGD21.90
Contains: 25g
Available: Watsons, SASA
My Review:
Probably i have too high expectation of this BB cream after been so satisfied with its mascara. But this product din work that well for me. I have combination skin, oily on T-zone and dry skins on the frame (My skin is such hard to pleased). The application was a smooth process and managed to conceal the basic like tiny pores, fade scarring etc. The real test is after wearing it for an entire work day! Few hours after wearing it, it oxidized to a darker shade and makes my skin color look kinda dirty... I'm NC15-NC20 (average fair chinese, with hint of yellow) No matter how i touch up (meaning brushing loose powder, it sort of suck off my powder off the surface...  I tried it on another day and it turns out the same. So i guess its just not a product for me, probably it would suit dry or normal skin babes better thus tossing it out of my makeup stash...


  1. The ingredients and description look really promising, it's a pity to hear it didn't work for you. In you opinion what is the best BB cream you have tried so far?

  2. I swatched this at the drugstore and I didn't like the dry matte finish it had. It emphasized the lines on my hands which is never a good sign...

  3. Their mascare is the best I tried so far. Too bad the bb cream didn't work for you :( Most of the bb creams I tried just don't work on me!


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