Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mascara Review 18: Sasa SASATINNIE Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara Advanced Formula

Its Mascara Review time! Have you tried any SASA self brand products? This is my first, as i tend to have more confident to products launch by reputable brands or even highly raved ones so I hardly notice their in-house label which is known as sasatinnie...

during my shopping in SASA HK, the SA raved about this mascara and told me this mascara was crowned one of the best mascara in 2010! Meaning I can't miss it right so I bought one to test out and share my review with you.

Extracted from

Super Dolly is the first powerful mascara for creating a perfect doll-eye look in a second!
  • innovative non-clumping rubber brush
  • a light protective film for every lash
  • the amino acid enriched formula nourishes
  • sculpting long and curly 3D effect without primers or curlers

The intelligent coat lashes with optimal amount of mascara and intensive color in just one sweep. Your dolly eyes will be the centre of attention everywhere you go!

Brand New Chic Packing

Pink on Black is cool, sexy &glamour. Character floral illustrations show your ultimate attractiveness!

This is the award this mascara is awarded!

The real Thing! 

Instructions & information at the back of packaging, available in Chinese & English.

Its made in ITALY (serious?) hmm but assembled in Malaysia?
Its simply housed in a black tube with grey metallic cap with purple & pink floral design outline on it.

The application brush is a comb like brush similar to Majolica Majorca Lash Expander? It was easy to use but still i have preference over the usual standard brush really.

I didn't take any BEFORE pictures as you gals would have seen countless time.. So i choose to take the AFTER pics instead. Lashes are indeed curl but they seem to dry slightly faster so when i was applying the second coat my lashes got freeze to sideways to the direction I'm applying Opps..
This mascara is clump-free as you see above! and its kinda lengthening too.

Curl Lashes!!

Price: approx HKD108, USD13.60, SGD17.60
Available: SASA

My Review:
I like how my curl managed to hang on there till end of work day and the ease of removing them despite the fact they are waterproof unlike the removal nightmare I got from Majolica Majorca range (which is suitable even for water sport!) My lashes are nicely lengthen. Their long staying power for the curl which deserve a thumbs up from me. Price is affordable for its function. One thing to mention about the removing of this mascara. I could easily remove using my Paul & Joe Eye & Lip Remover, i simple wet the cotton pad with the liquid and let it rest on my eyes for about 10+sec to dissolve the mascara and just a few more gentle wipe its clean!

SASA uploaded a video showcasing this mascara! do take a look...

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