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Package from Taiwan + Review: Shiseido Integrate Lip Balm 从台北带回来的宝贝 + Intergrate 樱花水晶护唇美容液

A very overdue package received from my GF from taiwan early March this year. I'm really thankful to her for always doing my overseas shopping for me despite her busy schedule... Time to unleash my small purchase...


According to her TW is very environmental friendly and usually impose nominal fee for plastic bags. But then of course they have to give you a bag for your purchase so they use paper bag as it can break down over the time. But the best would be bring your own bag.

她告诉我台北很环保所以当地的商家都会向顾客征收小小的塑料袋费用,那是为了鼓励大家要环保 啊。 当然如果需要的话, 通常会给纸袋不是塑料袋因为环保嘛。 最好是自己带环保袋这样能为地球制造少一点垃圾。

What have I bought?
Lavshuca Loose Powder (they are highly ranked in urcosme, taiwan beauty forum)
Kate Makeup Base BB (bought this out of curiousity)
Lavshuca lip balm (I heart lip balm so feel like trying this one)
Shiseido Integrate Lip Balm
Kate Eyeliner Brush (I have one, this is backup)

Lavshuca 極細定粧蜜粉(在urcosme.com 评价很高)
KATE 多元潤飾BB粧前乳 (买它是出于好奇心)
Lavshuca 極上UV美唇蜜 SPF21‧PA+(我非常爱试各种不一样的唇蜜)
  Intergrate 樱花水晶护唇美容液 (之前用了她家的蜜粉和BB孀都喜欢)
KATE 眼線膠專用筆刷 (这是备用) 

Today, I'm posting review on just the Shiseido Integrate Lip Balm first.

今天就分享我对 Intergrate 樱花水晶护唇美容液的使用心得吧。
The packaging is really tight, imagine the tapes that was use to seal all opening. I could be sure that my shopping will be safe.


The Lip Balm housed in a faint pinkish tube with classic sakura print wrapping round the tube that makes it like an artpiece.


Japanese wordings printed on the back of the tube which I dun understand haha

Very detailed info of the ingredients, expiry date, directions on how to use for best result!


they included english version for the ingredients list.


Ths tip of the gloss is rounded which makes it easy for me to apply to my lips without the use of my fingers. The design is so friendly that i love to use it often as i like the feeling of the gloss gliding effortlessly on my lips and keep them moisturized!

我好爱它的设计完全需要用到手指好棒! 它的瓶口圆圆的很容易搽只需轻轻的在嘴唇上滑动又超滋润。

Swatch of the lip balm (it has a hint of pink and really smooth creamy texture)

Price: NT220
Date of Release/上市日期: 2010-09-01

My Review/我对它的用后感想:

This got to be one of my favorite lip balm, fell in love with its light cherry blossom scent (only linger for a while). Texture was smooth which is why it managed to glide on my lips effortlessly! Its non sticky formula is definitely a plus for me to love it more. So I enjoy re-applying it on as and when basis even if it hasn't wear off though. Its staying power is average i would say as its not sticky so i can't expect it to cling on tightly to my lips right. I would rate this balm as still acceptable for night use since i have high expectation on lip balm for night use as they suppose to moisturize & prepare my lips for next day looking smooth & supple!

这可能是我其中一个最爱的润唇膏,完全被它的樱花香吸引。 它好润滑,很轻易的就能把它搽在我的嘴唇上,它不会黏黏的所以好爱喔。 即使嘴唇还滋润我还是喜欢一直重复涂抹。 持久度还好吧,我晚上搽了才睡觉起来后嘴唇还挺滋润所以我觉得它不错值得推荐!


  1. Fabulous haul! Can't wait for your reviews!

  2. This gloss/balm sounds ever so good. Sakura scent? What more can one ask for? x

  3. Hi,

    May I know where to buy Shiseido Integrate in Taiwan?



thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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