Monday, September 19, 2011

Hair Experience @ Salon De Future (Hong Kong, Mongkok)

I had been to HK countless times for the past few years due to my love for its authentic Cantonese Street Food cum shopping & their amazingly delicious dim sum that never fail to seduce me to visit them again & again. This recent trip was special, I'm there with my Mum & Sis. Its a all new experience without the kids... We shop till almost drop and make a few trips back to hotel during the shopping just to leave down our shopping bags... Lol

On our 1st day in HK, we roamed around the Mongkok Streets without any programme in mind and Mum suggested for haircut or hair treatment. Not that its cheap or something, its just that we have never done that together specially now when all of us are busy working. Its just so hard to have such quality girl time!

The girly pink signboard just caught our attention. 

The salon is located just on the third floor in the midst of Mongkok Shopping Street (Fa Yuen Street) that is packed with loads of shopping.

This is the entrance just beside the alley
The steps that lead us to the salon was abit old but that's the authentic hongkong style building.
We were greeted by a totally different view at their reception.

An overall view from the entrance
I personally like the spacious layout and also the color used makes me feel cozy too.

They have full glass window that enable you to glance or peek (depends on the angle of your sitting) on whats going on the street. Its exactly like how I always sit by the window of the cafe, slowly sipping my drink while looking at buzzing traffic & passer-by. It makes me feel relax! The salon has a large LCD screen showing various Kpop Singer/Group in action and also X-Japan to keep you occupied. By the way, they have in-house wifi so dun be like me spending my time reading mag to keep myself occupied/awake, if only I asked!
The Team
I was expecting to be serve by ladies mainly due to the girly pink signboard but was surprised to be greeted by a male stylist who is ok as guys does good job with hair too. It turns out that this salon is managed by a team of experienced guys, according to my mum.. (think she had a little chat with them as she was done earlier than me) Frankly speaking, i would prefer guys to do my hair as they are much careful & gentle in some way, not sure if you agree? We can speak bits of cantonese but no worries as they understand english too, i was quite worried initially of mis-communication but was it was a breeze talking to them especially to hear of their recommendation!

What we had:
Mummy & I opt for rebonding, hair coloring & haircut service while sis just chose to have the hair coloring service only. I dreaded hair treatment time, as it makes me so drowsy and sleepy! All of us chose the shade we want and also as recommended by the stylist as i have some concern specially if the color would work for my hair.
My 4 Hours Session
During my almost 4 hours session or probably longer, i was served by this male assistant who wash & dried my hair numerous times for each application (rebonding, coloring). He is really gentle when it comes to shampoo & rinsing my hair.  In fact, i would thumbs up for his polite & good service (too bad i din catch his name). *shout out* Sorry that I must have been rambling too much to you on how tired i am to keep my butt on the seat.  Anyway I could proudly say i managed to read more than half of the magazine they have & probably the quota i would hit in a year or two haha.

My Hair Color & Haircut
I love the light touch of color they did to my hair, not too loud and suitable for the conservative environment here. I always have issues with rebonding, as my hair is really a tough case that usually i have to head back for touch-up which means 3-4 hours x 2! So now you know how i hate hair session. The hair stylist who did my haircut did a really good job, as my previous haircut was a disaster for him to start off with. He did a soft layered for me that makes me feel my hair are lighter and also neat! One thing to mention, the hair coloring product they use dun have those stinky ammonia smell at all so Mum & I were pleased even though we can't wash our hair for our second & third day in HK haha.

Our Damage
We paid a total of HKD2,500 for all the services as mentioned above, was given a VIP card at the spot. I worked out the sum, its quite affordable HKD900/SGD140 as compare to what I'm paying here. My last rebonding with twister cost me over SGD300+ but my hair was slight longer and label as XXL (extra extra long). And i went back there for second round of rebonding as my hair wasn't straight enough.

I dun have a before & after pic but this is me sporting my new hairstyle on the next day.
Closer Look as I'm wearing Dollywink Eyelashes in #01 Sweet Dolly, MUFE HD blush in #6 & EOS Circle Lens in Black

I'm back from the trip for almost 2 weeks, heres a small update on how my hair looks like right now,
Sorry for the grainy pic quality as i use my phone and its night -time! You can still see the soft touch of color on my hair and they are still straight and neat despite i'm out for a whole 10 hours for work! Can't you tell how pleased I am with their service, which is why i decided to write this post!

Hey gals, do let me know how you think of my new look! *wink*

Contact: Salon De Future's Website

*NOTE* Picture Credits: All pictures of Salon De Future are extracted from their FB for my BLOGGING USE ONLY.

this is my personal honest review, i do not receive any credits for posting this review.


  1. Whoaa thats cheap,compared to singapore! Awww thats so sweet, spending time with your mum and sis.:)
    Love your new hair, you look like a doll!:D

  2. hey there! i saw your blog while searching for hair salons to go to in hk! did you calculate the 900hkd for your rebonding and colouring altogether?

    1. Hi, yes approx all inclusive. do give them a call or check on their website for promotion.

  3. Hi there! Love the new hairstyle, it suits you really well :)

    You mentioned that you spoke a bit of Cantonese to the stylists, do you think they would fully understand English? I am a native english speaker and I am afraid that there maybe miscommunications.

    1. HI,

      Thanks for your comments. They do speak communicable english as during my visit, there are 2 americans before me. So i reckon communication shouldnt be of any issue. (^_^)/


  4. Nice post lovely blog people will get attract to see this its really nice post..

  5. I believe the salon had degraded beyond recognition. Its common for hair treatments / perming / cuts / washing to take 4 hrs. But this team simply took their time. 3 or 4 of them can be watching DVD / smoking / chatting while letting the customers wait.
    It is the worst hair experience ever and I am trying my best to write in all related forums to this salon in hope that others dont suffer like me


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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