Thursday, October 1, 2009

Surprise Haul from Gmarket

Hi all,
i received my shopping from Gmarket last wk but was busy thus here's the late posting. I was into Etude house shopping for this round. And i bought one cardigan in green, color which my wardrobe lack of.

see below on what i bought(oops i forgot to pic in the cardigan):

so excited to see all the stuffs, etude packaging is really sweet

here's what i got:

1 x moistfull toner & lotion set

1 x pore diet essence (hopefully this product can minimize my pores)

1 x moistfull collagen face mask set (my face need collagen badly)

1 x lip gloss, blush, polish

1 x peach skin pact

assorted face mask

i need another compact powder other than the lotree i'm using which is really good.

but this compact powder is really big, maybe i will use this at home and bring the lotree around instead.

free gifts i got from my purchase, handphone charm of the cute korean star, cotton, cleansing set and the cute eye pad.

they have the cleansing foam, cream and oil

this is what the eye pad can do.
Just a quick one, i tried the moistfull collagen mask yesterday my skin feel so happy after the mask. Instead of the usual transparent serum, they use sort of creme or lotion for the mask mix. the sheet mask was made of a very different material, there were 2 side, the cotton side and the other side feel like plastic (not sure if this is the right word to use).
And the mix was pretty generous, normally i would apply the excess mix bit by bit on top of the mask to keep them really moist so that my skin can have non-stop supply of those nutrients as i have a habit of putting on mask while watching TV series so my mask session would normally take like 30 mins at least. But for this mask since the plastic side is on the exterior so very minimum drying up of the mask as all the lotion is trapped on the cotton side underneath. I personally like this mask quite a fair bit, as for the collagen part its too early to judge.
Last saturday, i drop by to etude house outlet in Singapore, the price seems still acceptable as i would have to pay for shipping from korea BUT Gmarket just makes my shopping easier with fab free gifts & samples plus the price are really cheaper so i buy with more freedom less of those pushy SA and mail to my house.
Any recommendation for my next Gmarket shopping?


  1. wow..thats alot of purchase..hahaha...great haul dear!!

  2. Love all u got , I really wanna get some stuff from Etude House Code B products...nice GMARKET stuff^^

  3. the eye pad is really cute!!
    Nice haul!!

  4. very nice haul! this reminds me i should go check gmarket again. i signed up but didn't get round to ordering anything. i'm always staring at the clothes, accessories and bags in gmarket. :D

  5. Nice haul....I love the eye pad.....and is that Lee Min Ho in the phone charm???awwww...

  6. nice Etude Haul!! i'm so jealous of your easy access to gmarket! it sounds like shopping heaven :)

    I love the smell of Etude stuff and the moistfull mask sounds so good, I need collagen for my eyes, face, body and everywhere! haha

    For your next gmarket maybe you should try Missha or Skinfood?

  7. Ah you got so many cool goodies! The Peach skin compact sounds so cute. Wow Gmarket gives some very nice free gifts, you should keep shopping there if the SAs are too pushy haha. You should get those VoV masks from Gmarket, I heard they are very good. :)

  8. Omg, that is a big haul of kawaii-ness! *^_^* Those are awesome freebies you received. I wish GMarket was more accessible to us here.

  9. sweeet haul!! Cant wait for ur reviews on them!

  10. love your haul! can you swatch the blush when you get the chance to? :)

  11. Great haul!! I love Etude House stuff too!! I need to figure out Gmarket soon, got plenty of lemmings... Maybe you can try Banila Co? and Vov.. heard good reviews for some of their stuff =)

  12. thanks dear for offering to help with gmarket, but I think I gotta try and figure this out by myself.. lol.. for future hauls =)

    Can I just check how much usually is the shipping? Wanna estimate how much I can haul without going broke. Thanks in advance!!

  13. I love all your hauls. I recently was able to get my hand on the Etude House O2 White Mask. Their products are not available in the U.S:(

  14. sorry i bombard u with questions ah.. If i pay with my visa CC, will they refund the money back into my CC? or into a gmarket acc or something? Thanks for your help!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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