Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mascara Review 9: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander

Dear all,
Thanks for ur concern, i'm recovering in good pace.. hopefully by tmr as wknd is approaching i dun wana spend my time sick. Back to review time, i'm reviewing this Majolica Majorca Lash Expander mascara which is similar to the Jill Stuart Extra Curl mascara i'm luving. Basically both mascaras works using the same kind comb brush design. And results are quite comparable but Jill Stuart one is easier for removing even though still consider difficult compare to other mascaras.

comb like design mascara

naked lash 1
naked lash 2

lash with 2 coat of majolica majorca mascara

No clumps but not recommended for too many coats or it would be too thick unless you want dramatic look.

they do curl and hold on them properly and rather lasting.
They are rub proof, waterproof and long lasting.
Their price are quite reasonable compare to the pricey Jill Stuart so if you are a beginner, try majolica majorca as their packaging are really pretty.


  1. No problems! :)
    Yes, the Graphite palette is awesome! But I honestly think all of the Sleek palettes are must-haves for any occasion! So far I have the Acid one and the Storm one, and I love them!!!

    Unfortunately, I am back to Italy now, so I can't have acccess to Superdrug stores (and Sleek) anymore! :(
    However, they told me the online store on their site will be up and running by november, although they do not have a launch date yet. All the LE edition palettes will be up for grab from their site though, so you will be able to get your mitts on the Graphite palette too ;)

  2. glad to hear that you're feeling better =)

    the mascara looks great on your eyes!

  3. I'm a 100% positive they will provide international shipping service on their site. They have had huge feedbacks and requests from many countries outside the UK, and many requests from the States so they are definitely going to sell internationally!

    Actually, I live on a big island in Italy, it's called Sardinia and have the most wonderful beaches ever. You'd love summertime here, although it can get very hot (Africa heat, I mean!).
    And yes, there are some nice brands here: Pupa is great and I know they have some stores abroad. Go to and select the english version of the site...they have a list with all the global stores.
    We also have a brand called Deborah, which is good and cheaper than Pupa, but I don't really know if they sell outside Italy.
    Mainland Italy has some new brands that I can't have access to, like Kiko or Truccominerale. People are raving about it, because they're cheap, but I think they're pretty gimmicky and I'd rather buy less products for a better quality from other brands.

  4. Sweetie, which mu remover do you use to remove MM and Jill Stuart's mascaras?

  5. i really like MM mascara especially the lash expander frame plus!

  6. i love how separated and defined you lashes look after using MM. i'm fascinated by the comb brush!

  7. Hi Karen!

    Glad you are feeling better :) Great review, I really like the comb brush because it's so easier to apply and get every little lashes. I'm really curious about the JS mascara now since you are loving it. Maybe I will get that next time after I try out the Lash Expander.

  8. I hope you're feeling better now.....

    I really want to try this mascara....thanks for the review....

  9. Hey Karen!

    I used that mascara today! :) I like the brush, it's unique ^_~
    How is the weather over there? Always sunny and warm?

  10. It looks very nice. I think you have beautiful eye ^^

  11. I used MM mascara before, yes very pleased with the result they also hold curls better i feel :) thanks for the review

  12. I still have trouble removing this mascara, maybe I'm applying too much LOL!

  13. i really like the MM mascaras, but too bad they smudge on my most of the time

  14. Ohh!! Nice!
    did you use a eye lash curler?


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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