Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Peek on my Polish Purchase

A sneak peek on my purchase which arrive yesterday, Yippee. I bought 5 light color range lacquer from 5 different brands (*only realise when taking this pic*), Ooolala by colorclub, this was swatch previously by Scrangie which caught my eyes on, hope it looks good on asian skin. I specially placed order for this fair shade range in search for a suitable color for everyday wear, especially to work, as i realise that sometimes the shade simply look so nice on someone, and yet does not have the same effect on me...

(from left to right)
Ooolala from Colorclub, OPI Mod abt u, Orly Tennis anyone , China Glaze Blushing, creative Strawberry Daffodil

I'll be doing a swatch this thursday as my nail color still intact & i luv the Orly Country Khaki, so gonna let it stay on my nails for 2 more days...

Love to hear from you on what other colors/brands you would like me to swatch on...


  1. gorgeous colors! I love OPI polishes but have never tried the china glaze brand.

  2. those are my fave kinda colors
    i wana see wat u think of each color in comparison to opi one

  3. haha you tend to go for the same shades~ I love peach & pink on my nails. Nude can look a bit colourless..

  4. oh and occassionally I let the colourful side of me loose & I paint them red or shimmery gold.

  5. amynaree: you should try, they have lotsa nice shades too.

    Yumeko: they are my type of color as well.. Sure no problem, i will review them 1 by 1

    Akisa: Oh you caught me yae, ok will try to add some more colors to my collection. Erm, red sounds like a nice color to swatch on...

  6. I like color like these.
    Milky, yeah? ^^
    cute, nails look natural and shiny


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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