Friday, July 10, 2009

Bourjois no.15 Vernis a ongles

Above: 3 coats application, see pic 3 for the shimmers effect...

I saw this on the departmental counter the other day and I couldn't stop from buying it, the packaging is do sweet and mini. Great size for doing swatches, as you never know when is the next time you be using that polish after the swatch. I'm starting to face the problem of storage, but I only have like only twenty odd, can you imagine those polish bloggers.

Due to the size, the brush stem of the brush shrink, the application process was quite a tough one, when I was applying I wasn't able to see my nail as the brush is short so it leave no space for me even to peek on my nails. Each nail required 2 dips of polish to complete.

I would say it's really very shimmery, bourjois are really generous with the shimmer ingredient which make the effect so even. I thought I would get a baby pink color, but it turns out kinda milky white shimmer instead anyway it's nice too another kind of beauty I would say. You do not have to worry about uneven application as the shimmery effect conceal all these flaws, sounds great isn't it. I think I would grab somemore to swatch on yea.

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