Friday, July 17, 2009

My 1st The Face Shop Shopping & Polish Swatch PK101

I had never bought anything from The Face Shop even though hearing lotsa raves about their BB cream, masks etc. Today, i finally step in for the 1st time since its the GSS, they are having a storewide 20% discount so why not...

The beauty consultant told me that all their products are made from 100% natural ingredients so its good for skin, sounds good to use something so naturally extract. I started off with the mask, i pick 3 which is the

Vita E mask Sheet, with skin plumping Milk & Egg extracts
Vita C Mask Sheet, with skin tone brightening Raspberry & Strawberry EXtracts
Vita K Mask Sheet, with detoxifying Seaweed extracts.

I had enough orders of makeup for this month so can't help to set my eyes on the polishes that they have, i got 3 all pinkish light colors... love having pink on my fingers.

pk101 - orangey pink SGD7.90
pp401 - pale pink shimmer SGD7.90
Pp401 - pale pink sheer SGD2.90(yes the codes are the same despite different range and the price difference are far apart.

Here's the swatch pic for TheFaceShop PK101, its orangey pink with shimmer. I personally do not like their polish as during the application the brush was stiff as if I'm applying with a cotton bud like item. Not absorbing the polish at all, hard to smooth out the polish on my nails. And after the application, before the top coat the polish surface is rough due to the unfine shimmers they use, still prefers bourjois polish shimmers as its finer. After i apply my favorite seche top coat, the top coat seems to be filling up the rough gaps cause by the uneven shimmer therefore the final surface top is different than i expect. Suppose to be smooth & rubbery texture but its coarse texture.

Will swatch on the other 2 shortly, stay tune for more updated post.

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