Thursday, July 30, 2009

Review: Elf Nail Polish Remover Pad

This is one of my new ELF purchase below, back to topic this nail remover pad. It comes in Fresh Citrus Scent, which in my opinin, it smell quite unpleasant to me during the polish removing process, maybe due to the chemical reaction between my polish and the pad. Quite like it minus off the scent as i only use 2 pad to remove all 10 fingers polish. And the material does not tear easily during the process. Conclusion, its still worth the money considering that a kit has 18 pads which i can use for 9 sessions.
By the way, the polish it successfully removed are OPI start to finish + Orly Country Khakis + Seche Top Coat.
This is my 1st ELF purchase, not sure what to buy and ends up with their eyeliner, cuticle pen, nail remover pad, eye makeup remover & translucent powder. Will sample them in later date & post review accordingly yae!


  1. hi sizbelle! great review on the nail polish remover pads...I want to try them next time I haul from elf! You should try the studio line face brushes next time, I read a lot of reviews and everyone loves them because they are so soft!

  2. hi, well i like their liquid eyeliner because it stays on so well. i have oily lids and this doesn't smear for me at least. it does have this really yucky smell, it does go away and its really easy to remove it!


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