Thursday, July 2, 2009

Everyday Minerals Cosmetics - are they good?

I notice that recently a lot of sprees are organised for everyday minerals, just wonder are they really good? I have not really go into trying out all these minerals cosmetic as i feel that they are really light, might not be able to conceal my scars and pores.

But i did my facial, yes finally after like 6 year... ok dun scream... i know its really long, but i'm a mother of 2, needs to work and take care kids, how would i be able to find time... Back to topic, after this facial, i realise that i'm always looking for product to conceal certain flaw i have, which causes my face to have lotsa clogged pore, enlarge pore, slight acne skin. Cosmetic should't be serving such purposes, so i'm not in need of good cleanser, moisturiser and COSMETICS!!!

Cosmetics, yes. I have placed order for a few everyday minerals hoping they will be useful to me... Starts to hate the strong thick makeup i always put on which suffocate my pores... Pores need to breathe ok.

My new order collections:
1 x baby kabuki brush
1 x eye kabuki brush
1 x Blusher in Sheen Salon Fun shade (full size)
1 x Blusher in Shimmers Pink Ribbon (full size)
1 x Blusher in Lucent Soft Touch (full size)
1 x Concealer in Forty Winks - Pearl Mint (full size)
1 x Eye shadow in Shimmer Snowflake (sample size)
1 x Eye shadow in Pearl happy go lucky (sample size)

custom kits are available only until 5 July, after price will resume back.
Each custom kit allow purchase of 12 full size item which is approx USD4.17 each instead of the current USD6 for blush, USD6-10 for brush.

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