Friday, July 3, 2009

Makeup Raves!

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day after work, as i finally have time to sit back and watch my fav TV show, 女人我最大 Nu Ren Wo Zui Da, its a highly raved TV shows with reviews on the current trend on cosmetics, skincare, haircare, hairstyle and many more.

This episode was about bare makeup, which is you actually put on makeup but without those thick makeup feel... That's every girl dream to be able to present themselves in front of others without the hassle to make sure that, oh has my eyeliner smudge, blush still there, did i cover my dark eye circle well.

Majiami, was the brand that was recommended, its a 100% taiwanese brand. Made from 100% natural ingredients,
Offical website:
Taiwan Rave site:

Crrently, they have released a primer set called The Amazing Series:

This set consists of
1 x Fine Lines Refining Cream 3ml/不思議 細紋抹平霜 (3 ml)
1 x Eye Brightening Cream 1.5ml/不思議 明眸眼飾筆SPF 30
1 x Plumping Cheek Feature Cream 2.5ml/不思議 蘋果肌豐頰乳 (2.5ml)
1 x Transluscent Brightening Base SPF50 6ml/不思議 清透補光隔離乳SPF50

this amazing set cost NT549 approx SGD27

瑪奇亞米不思議小臉塑成霜 Amazing Face Slimming Cream 30ml/NT399

This is another of their amazing product which claim to let you owe a V shape face, they are saying its no longer a dream as they use the best technology to develop this products. The demo in the show make me believe that its works as the smile line of the gal who apply on 1 side of her face really appear in different degree for both side.

Another of the recommended product is from Smashbox:

O-GLOWIntuitive Cheek Color With Goji Berry-C Complex™
Its called O-glow, imagine you apply this without having any makeup on, this might make others thought that you really own a radiant skin though. The skincare expert mentioned that this product was not really new and its cost Nt990 to get it in counter from taiwan, hey gals get it from Sephora for just USD26 for 0.5oz or USD16 for 0.25oz, i had placed order for mine after seeing this show... Can't wait for them to reach me.

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