Monday, July 27, 2009

Bad start on a blue monday + Great finding to new shopping haven!

I started my day by missing the alarm alert & woke up late! And what's next, i missed the bus and it dragged me for another 20 mins, gosh what a bad start on a bluey monday. What to do, just have to keep myself busy to earn back the time i lost for the late start, hopefully that will please my boss...

During lunch hour, i log in as usual to view all the blog that i followed, guess that, Jamilla is gonna do EOTD on SUQQU, really looking forward to tomorrow. I found out that SUQQU had footprints in Bangkok, yup bangkok & UK... why they miss Singapore, Taiwan & HK... Anyway, my brother was so concidentially there so i sent him my order for 1 palette yup 1 only as its really expensive costing approx SGD100+ for 1 palette but its worth the price base on the review done by Fuzkittie & Jamilla. So excited, *pray hard* that he really get that for me!

Another findings which i got while browsing, Nic had this posting today which make me discover another shopping haven.. VoCE's Top rated cosmetics + Lunasol The price are soooo reasonable... I already set my eyes on HR mascara which top their list, the gold packaging one & the wild leopard design... *drooling* And not to forget some of their local famous brand, holding on to my order until my bro is back this wknd coz the site have SUQQU too... Great news is that they ship internationally, so what are you waiting for bookmark their site like i do...

Last thing which brighten up my day was, my 5 polishes from 8ty8beauty spree arrived, Yippee! I ordered Ooolala from Colorclub, OPI Mod abt u, China Glaze Blushing, Orly Tennis anyone & creative strawberry Daffodil... Erm... still have somemore work to finish up so PIcs tmr...

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