Thursday, July 16, 2009

REVIEW: Biore Pore Pack (Warning: pic has gross contents)

I admit that i have problem skin, lotsa blackheads & whiteheads. Had tried a lot of so-called effective remedy but still on lookout for more... Recently, i had tried St Clare treatment set, its effective for whiteheads but nothing works the best for me on my blackheads than Biore Pore Pack. Its really strong in pulling out them from root... I personally feels that it works better if you were to apply St Clare step 1, sebum softener which kind of heats up the skin expand the pore for Biore to get to work. Now they comes in Peach Flavor, it really smells of sweet peaches.. And they works!

I must say the Japanese are really good in packaging, not only nice on the outside..

Instructions on how to use.

How it works.

Here's the Peach VS Original version

Don't doubt, this belongs to me. Biore Pore Pack, never fail on me.


  1. I LOVE the biore pack too! As disgusting as it sounds, my favourite part is to see all the nasty stuff that comes out from it after peeling it off HAHA! Where do you live?? How did you get these cute versions of Biore??! I live in Canada and can only get the plain white versions~

  2. JHM, thanks for ur liking, i got them from the watsons drugstore near my place (Singapore) , you should try the black version which you can have a sense of achievement when its done!


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