Thursday, August 13, 2009

Handmade Bracelet frm Summer & EOTD

I ordered this handmade bracelet from Summer once she post this creation. Its so nice, i have never own any pearly accessories so i thought why not give it a try so i ordered my piece with Tiffany Green ribbon.
She sent me lots of sweets and i must say the bracelet is so gorgeous and sweet.

Close up pic of the bracelet...
by the way, she is currently having her 1st giveaway, SUMMER'S 1ST GIVEAWAY!!
I just can't wait to try out the Lotree eye shadow that i received, its so pretty & shimmers. So i decided to add it into the making of my EOTD haha. I must admit i luv earth color so hope you don't get bored by my EOTD. I will be on shopping freeze until i come back from hongkong shopping trip which is happening next month as there are so much things to shop so i have to save up abit and not forgetting i'm getting SUQQU new product next mth yaeh!


Without mascara

Lotree eye shadow = base
M3 = blending
M4 = lid lining
M2 = lower lid corner

with mascara


  1. Beautiful Bracelet and I like your neutral eye!

  2. the bracelet is so adorable!!!! i love the design.. cute eotd.. simple neutrals are always my go to look :)

  3. That bracelet is gorgeous! And your makeup looks great :]

  4. What a gorgeous bracelet! Thanks for letting us know about the giveaway! Your EOTD is also so pretty. ^^

  5. Jamilla: thanks for ur compliment, makes me so shy (*blushing)

    Amynaree: Yeah they are absolutely adorable, i agree neutral look are easy with everyday wear

    Liang: Yae they are really nice pc, you should check them out too

    KC: no problem, as it suppose to be share, i'm planning to do my entry post this wknd, you too join in the fun!

    Btw, additional note, the lotree eyeshadow are really long lasting, i been wearing for like 8 hours, they are still there!

  6. Summer makes such cute jewelry yeah!!

  7. Oo I love what you did with that palette! :D So natural and beautiful~

  8. Aww you're too sweet, thanks for making me feel better about my bag. XD You should enter Summer's giveaway... and mine! I just posted it lol. Check it out.

  9. The bracelet is so pretty! Love your makeup!



thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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