Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mascara Review 1: Dior Iconic Extreme Waterproof Mascara

After hearing so much raves about Dior mascara, seems like i have to try them myself. As seeing is believing... So i bought them along with Lunasol trial kit and Biotherm lip balm before my shopping ban started haha, this is the site SGBestBuyWorld which i got mine, FYI currently they only deliver within SG . As it was a nice deal to get 2 x 4ml trial size @ SGD20 approx USD13. Anyway, here's the review:

The brush was a thick looking one with no visible fibres, and the brush was in sort of spiral design.
here's the close-up pic of the brush, as you can see there is no visible fibres... And its really thick brush.
i screwed up the pic that i taken before applying so using a previously posted pic for the comparison.
this is just pic of my lashes after curling using shiseido curler only.
Pls take note of the length you see here.
This is what i mean by i screw up those pic, its was blur taken but i only notice when i'm doing the posting now. Another angle for you gals to see my lashes.
Here's the done lash, can't see much difference... don't doubt them, see below
Look at my lashes, i was like OMG when i saw this pic now haha
Another angle to show how long it stretch my lashes...
I'm definitely luving this, surely going back for more of their mascaras.. what a great series they created...
Let me know if you gals have a HG mascara, i would luv to try them...


  1. Great review Karen! This mascara seems to work really well with your lash type, thanks for the very helpful before and after pictures. Hmm not sure if I have a HG mascara, sorry, they're so hard to judge! I want to try a lash primer because I've been hearing good things about them though. :)

  2. I've used this mascara tooooo :) I found it a little drying, I'm not sure if it's because of my sensitive eyes... the mascara worked well for you for sure

  3. I used Dior too but not this one, thanks a lot for this review^^

  4. Glad it works on you, I've been hearing good things about DiorShow's mascara, but kinda hesitated by its price, and I don't wear mascara that often. You are so sweet by offering the help of Lotree BB cream. I was really tempted but I need to cut down on my makeups for now, but thank you so much for asking!

  5. I love this mascara but mine is not waterproof. I did not know that they had it in that formula. I am def going to go look for it now. Thanks for the review! :D

  6. Great review sizebelle! Not sure if you have already tried it, but my HG mascara is Majorca Majorlica Lash extender. It keeps my curl like no other!!!

  7. nice review! though I don't use mascara (i know.. the horror..) but I enjoy your reviews very much! Which site did u get them from?

    Thanks for offering the gmarket spree! tts so sweet =) I've got some korean goodies coming via CP next week or so, so I think I gotta cut back on the hauling at least a little bit.. =P

  8. it looks great on you!
    my favourite cheap mascara is voluminous by loreal
    i find it works as good as dior show

  9. Karen, your lashes look so pretty! :) I like to try all kinds of mascaras however I do like Shu Uemura Basic mascara.

  10. I haven't found my HG mascara yet but the only one that has given me super length is Fiberwig.

    Great review! I must try this now :)

  11. wow u got gorgeous lashes! i really want this mascara ! :]

    thanks for reviewing

  12. Great post, I like Dior's Iconic mascara too!!

    I'm currently loving Helena Rubinstein's Lash Queen Feline mascara.

  13. Oh wow, they look so evenly coated and lush! I've only tried diorshow in a mini tube but the big brush was amazing! Even with small, fine lashes...Dior just makes great mascaras for eyes across the board. =]


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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