Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Review: Lotree SPF21 BB Prime Control Base

I got this pic from their site as mine was a sample pack and i want you to see their packaging, so nice rite!

I simply luv this control base, i got this as a sample pack from my previous Lotree purchase from Gmarket. The seller was so sweet to include the sample pack for me to try if not i would have missed it.

The control base was in beige color, when i saw it i was afraid that it would not be suitable for me as i'm in fair shade. But after applying them, it blend really well, skin feeling moist yet not greasy which i hate some makeup base does. The best part was that its oil control powder was really superb! For your info, i have combination to dry skin, oily only T-zone and dry skin at under eyes area & chin area. Normally during the mid-day i would notice that my T-zone area turns oil and need blotting & touch-up. But after using a few days (ya very little left, i need another purchase asap!) i notice minimum touch-up is required as there is almost no sign of oily scene compare to previous. Btw, i was using Majiami makeup base previously, still have a BN tube....

I would definitely go back for the purchase as i luv it, not only about the function & also the scent it carries. In order not to break my Shopping BAN, i will try Banila bb cream as base which was given to me by Aichaku for my Coffret Purchase from her...

So wait for my Banila review...


  1. Great review Karen, you're so good to stick to your shopping ban! ^^ I hope the BB Cream works just as well as this for you. Oh I keep hearing about people buying cool things from Gmarket, I'm off to go check it out now, thanks!

  2. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the Gmarket tips, it's so confusing and big there! The pictures are always changing lol.

  3. Im envious of your gmarket hauls! I can't figure it out, so I have to join sprees to get my gmarket fix.. lol.. Can't wait for your Smashbox review and more korean makeup reviews pls! =)

  4. this sounds great...nice review! i want this now :D i also have dry combo oily skin!!!..the only thing is i have no idea how gmarket works.. :/

  5. the packaging is so pretty, not sure i can get it in US though...

  6. i want it so bad!
    i tried my first bb creme and im in LOVE!

  7. aw man i just checked ebay and they don't have this, does anyone know where to get it online? thanks!

  8. You're right. The packaging is very nice! :) Thanks for the review, Karen.

  9. Hi Karen!

    Thanks for posting a comment on my post. I find this post about buying BB products in Singapore:

    Hope it helps! If not check ebay but prices will be higher there probably b/c of shipping. :/


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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