Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hauls from Autumn, Strawberry Net & MORE!

Here's an update of my recent crazy online shopping spree, bought a bit too much as you can see below

My package from Betsy arrive yesterday, 17 Aug. I bought all these items from her Blog Sale, some items below are BN while others are lightly used. I'm really satisfied with the condition of the makeup i got.

I bought a total of 6 pcs items from her.

This is the Chanel Sphinx Eye shadow. Look at the case, there is hardly any scratches.

The eye shadow was really almost new.

This is Laneige Palette, simple look with spring colors which i need.

Inner look a bit dirty as the black shadow was crack probably during the transit, luckily tats the one which got hurt during the travelling.

See the crack, anyway its really very slight.

I always wanted to try their product, so here's the chance.

Oh forgot to mention, this is BN never touch before.

This too, LM mascara.

Not to forget BE gloss in Eva Shade, this is BN as well.

Package from Strawberry Net, i saw a irresistable offer from them thus the purchase. Its 50% off these Benefits item below. And they are so generous to send a GWP in full size, yup its 30ml and 5% discount too.

They are so sweet to wrap items like gift, ok i bought gift for myself.

TADA! I bought Benefit Powder Pop! Palette & Benefit Valley of the Stars Mini Iridescence

Look at the mini size gloss & others, i could easily slip them into my bag.
A combination i like, having blush & highlighter in 1

My random haul below which reaches me for the past few days, think i would have a few weeks to digest them and yes i still have 5 more packages to come before i set off to HK. FYI, i'm currently on shopping freeze which means no shopping until 5 Sep which is the day i'm setting off to HK... wahaha
Smashbox vol 1 & BE Newbie kit
Here's the contents of the kit, with CD attached.
Brow & liner palette with their names.
Close up on the color in the palette...
Smashbox Superstar Vol 2
This is the content of vol 2, luv the O-glow its so magical turning from transparent to pink gel.
Got a free photofinish primer with purchase and i happen to have the same mascara from their sampler...

This is my 1st BE starter kit from Sephora.
Only tried the Light Foundation & Mineral Veil so far. The warm & golden medium foundation don't suits me at all.


  1. now THAT's what I call a Haul!! I spent up big last few months.. time to chill.

  2. Wow..u got so many great stuff^^

  3. lol...girl, the stuffs you got from blog sale should be safe and good quiality! Chanel eyeshadow is sooo pretty!!

  4. Thanks for popping by my blog! This year there were some really great bargains during GSS!

    Anyway you've got great hauls too! I love the look of the Smashbox =)

  5. Karen, your haul is ama-zing! I especially adore that purple shimmery packaging.

  6. nice haul! great stuff you got..can't wait to see some fotd's and reviews later :)

  7. I am so jealous of your haul!! I haven't bought much make-up lately at all.. sigh.

    And to answer your question about my FOTD shot, I set up my camera on a tripod and pressed the button from there, reaching my arm out haha. However, all the full body shots and stuff, usually I ask my boyfriend to take them :D

    Take care dear!

  8. wow, a lot of awesome stuff! you should review some of the items! and swatches too! :)

  9. Wow great haul! Please let us know how you like everything, it all looks very cool.

  10. Hiya sizbelle!

    Wonderful hauls! How do you like the Laura Mercier products?

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! =D

    I’m using a mobile from Samsung.

  11. Wow....u have a big shopping haul here..hahaha

  12. Damn! So much beautiful stuff! I would definitely want to get my hands on Laura mercier stuff...hope you're using them happily!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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