Monday, August 3, 2009

My new love: Castledew frm Korea

i accidentially found this brand while i'm out for dinner yesterday, i was so attracted by the packaging which reminds me of Jill Stuart... Ok i admit, Jill Stuart items are a bit pricey and its out of reach from Singapore so i decided to try this. The packaging uses Jewel as their theme in packaging. I bought 1 lip gloss and 1 eye liner, which in my opinion, they are really great. By the way, Castledew is the child from VOV korea.

The box is also bling bling...

Look at the words on the tube...

The tip is 30 degrees tilt, i'm not sure what the hole for?

Swatch of the color, its shimmery and taste of raspberry, i think this is my 1st raspberry flavored lip gloss...

The eyeliner & box. This eyeliner work on 2 tips, same thickness.

Both ends looks like this, with the pink gem which suits its theme...

Its round tip, easy to glide.

Close up pic on its shimmers.


  1. I love Castledew too! I have the foundation and the 9-pan eye palette and love them both!

  2. oh pretty! it does remind me of jill stuart as well..the packaging is so lovely!!

  3. I love the packaging, it's so cute

  4. hi, may i know where can i get castledew cosmetics in singapore? Thanks in advance!

  5. Where can i get the castledew lip gloss and eyeliner?

  6. Hi, i got them from Beauty Language in Singapore. They are much cheaper from gmarket korea than in-store


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