Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Vampy American Manicure

I finally pluck up enough courage to try on new color for nail swatch, i owned this box of Seche American Manicure kit few months back. I have to admit i know nothing about american manicure and why it was named like this. As this is one of my error purchase, when i was surfing through transdesign.com i saw that they have kit available and at that time i was so crazy about french manicure and when i saw word american manicure i click to add into cart thinking that maybe its another kind of tip that i can create other than the chervon & french.

This kit consists of:
1 x seche eraser
1 x Seche red
1 x Seche base coat
1 x Seche top coat (my favorite)

Here's the pic of the packaging.

Pic of its contents

My vampy red nails in 2 coats

Just in case the 1st one look not so clear to you.

In my opinion, the color would be nicer on shorter nails.

(pardon me for the messy finish look, not enough time to clear up the mess at my nail edge before the pic as the sky starts to turn gloomy from afar so i thought i better be safe by taking the pic 1st. 30 mins later, true enought it rains heavily haha)


  1. Those are gorgeous red nails! Good job.

  2. Your nails are so nice. Is that only from one coat?

  3. colour is cool but OMG how u did it! it's awful!

    1. bad, bad, bad paint job!!!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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