Monday, August 17, 2009

My Entry for Summer Giveaway & Tag

Finally, i have time to dig out my bags for the entry to Summer Giveaway! This is part of my collection, as the rest are seldom use and store at the top of my wardrobe which i'm lazy to reach out to. See pic below for my humble collection!

These are the few bags, i normally use...
Agnes B carrier which i my weekend bag as i could stuff my gals waterbottle and not to fear the handle will break. Erm i own 3 long champ carrier as i couldn't decide which color is nice so i just grab 3 lolx. My classic LV sling which was my 1st LV item own dated back in 2004, the Damier Canvas Saleya was my 2008 bdae present from my hubby.

Fav: this bag was a gift frm my hubby when he was in switzerland for biz trip. The price was SGD300 less than what it was selling in Singapore which makes it a really worth deal. Its my everyday working bag as i personally feel that the checkered design can match absolutely any kind of dressing especially i'm normally seen in pants...

This is my 1st award tag, given to me by Electrifying Beauty, thank you gal!

  1. Short term memory which i always forgot to do a lot of things, say forgot to pay my bills, until my cable TV was suspend during the night when everyone in the hse are in the room watching TV drama, so can you imagine how the scene was like!

  2. Online shopping addict, i luv to shop online without those pushy SA. I luv take my time to compare products before buying and seriously i forgotten when was the last time i bought any cosmetic off counters..

  3. Hard to say NO person, i'm someone who find hard to say NO to ppl in person. Which is why i seldom do physical shopping as sometime i just wana do aimless window shopping, i would still ends up buying something which i might not need.

  4. Drama Addict, i luv watching jap, kor, tw, hk even us series and really addicted till my gals are hooked on it with me. So can you imagine during the wknd afternoon, my 2 gals & i stay in bed to watch TV till dinnertime.

  5. Strict Mum to my 2 lovely gals, i'm the strict role when it comes to parenting as i believe in award & punishment, it helps to let the gals know whats right.

  6. Daydreamer, i love spending my time daydream haha, nowadays hard to find time to.

  7. Number Idiot, i'm a complete idiot when it comes to managing money, budget... As i always ends up with the wrong calculation, not sure does it have something to do with my calculator...


  1. Dear, MakeupSnob is having this giveaway, (to all MAC, SEPHORA and NYX lovers) click here: and take your part!

    love lots,

  2. I love your bad collection, LV = love. So pretty. Great tag, I love knowing more about bloggers. haha Push sales assistants do bother me. I loooove drama shows too, I'm going to watch a lot this week haha. I forgot that you are a mother, cool! I have 8 siblings haha you can imagine the time my mom had.

  3. love the new blog layout!! I have a green longchamp bag too~

  4. i am loving the bags <3
    like u, i also find it hard to say no to ppl though i feel miserable later on hshhaa

  5. cute bag collection! good luck on her giveaway

  6. I have a LV Saleya too!
    I love that bag!

  7. Hi Karen!

    I like to swatch funny and romantic dramas. My favorites are the Korean series Super Rookie, Coffee Prince, and Rooftop Room Cat. :) Ohhh can't wait until you buy your next LV! What are your favorite dramas?

  8. I love my Longchamp bag too. In fact, I carry it almost daily! :) Congrats on your 1st award tag! I am starting to become a drama series addict too. I have watched a few back to back ones already and can't imagine life without it...hee hee...


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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