Friday, August 7, 2009

My EOTD & Lip swatch from Castledew

Here's my EOTD using my Suqqu palette, the color are really gorgeous. I like them very much, hope to get my next one soon and of course their blend cheek. Look at them from Jess, really natural and nice color lolx. Not sure why the pic for eyes not so sharp as before. Hope you like it.
My eyes after the makeup with naked lashes.
Eyes with mascara, looks bigger & noticeable
Final look: after electronic curling

Product used:
Suqqu eye palette
Color A: spread even on the eyelid area
Color B: apply on the lid area need to the lashes and blend in
Color C: for drawing the eye frame outwards of the eye and lower eye corner
Color D: highlighting eyebrow area
Majolica palette
Color 1: for sharpening inner eye corner
SANA Excel Mascara,
Love Clover eyeliner pencil: for upper inner eyelining
Castledew Eyeliner: for upper outer eyelid lining as it has shimmers in sliver so kinda of stand out from the eye shadow applied.

My naked lip before any application. i have thick lips and the dark pigment round my lips making them even thicker so an application of the lip concealer is a must for me.

Here's the swatch on the Castledew Lip Gloss Shade #25, i luv this color & taste of raspberry.

This is the lip gloss i used + the lip concealer from Kevin BeautyMaker


  1. so pretty! the castledew lip gloss looks cute... i like the color

  2. I absoutely love this palette and your lashes are fab!! I really need to use my electronic curler!

    Sexy lips!

  3. The lip color you have is REALLY pretty!

  4. great eyes and great lips! <3

  5. i love your natural lip colour! It's a really pretty baby pink :D my natural lips are pigmented because it's really easy to get tanned in Canada here :(


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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