Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nail Swatch: OPI Sweet Hearts + Alpine Snow French Manicure

It had been a long time since i last have my nails done in french manicure so i decided to do it last thursday during lunch hour. Which means i skip lunch for my nails. I went to the manicure salon near my office, the previous manicurist is no longer worker there as there was not even one familiar face. But since i already made appointment so i still go ahead of the session.

Everything was fine until before the cuticle removal, the manicurist that was serving me forgot to apply the cuticle removal liquid. So i just prompt her and ask "do you need to apply the cuticle removal liquid to my cuticle before soak?" she was like so sorry but that's not all.

My french manicure was in light pink since the color is lighter so its common sense to apply like 2-3 coats so at least i dun get to see my original nail. She applied 2 coats for each of my nails and i was not happy with the finish as i can see that its not a smooth application done. Uneven finish revealing my base on some areas. So i was like prompting her again "sorry, can you redo my nails like adding another coat since i can see the uneven finish" she add on another coat for random of my nails, i was like urghhh can't you do a recoat on all.

I requested for quick dry top coat instead of the usual and added additional SGD3 for just the coat. Guess what she coated my nails so thinly that and the tip was spared, which makes me not so happy about it. Anyway, i just need to get over this fast, as i'm spending more than 1 hour on this.
So as expected, my nails color starts chipping by day 2. Here's the pic i managed to take on day 2 after apply seche fast dry coat again on the night itself by myself.

w/ early sunlight
room light.
Any recommends on your best french manicure combination colors?


  1. Your nails are always so pretty!

  2. Hey dear..sorry to hear about your bad experience!! dun waste your money in that place again..seems like its a waste of money and they didnt do a really good job!!i believe you can do 10 times better job than them :)

  3. Your nails look lovely but sorry to hear about your crummy nail tech. You should def. go to a different place for manicures or just do them yourself since you're so talented with nail polish!

  4. nice nails. :) but yeah they are right look for a different place for manicures

  5. Nice nails! I love to do tan with a black tip! :)

  6. Your mani looks lovely hun but sorry to hear about the manicurist spreading the coat too thinly. I am so rough with my nails sometimes that a French mani would not last long on me no matter what. :( I agree with Denysia. A black tip would look killer!

    P.S Good to know I'm not the only Lash Blast virgin :P

  7. i think you should try some fun colors.. i use to do blue tip or pink tip haha

    sorry to hear about the bad manicure job, that always makes me mad when my nails get ruined in 1-2 days after the manicure

  8. sorry to hear about the bad experience! i have always had the same prob with the manicurist spreading the coat too thinly so i do not go to the same salon twice..

  9. Sorry to hear about ur bad experience. Believe it or not, I've never had a manicure done at a salon.. ever.. My first time was recently in BKK where I got my nails done at some tiny little shop near MBK.. lol..

  10. P.S The Hokkaido ramen sounds delish, Karen! :) We have Ajisen here too so I def know what you're talking about!

  11. Your nails are so pretty and sorry to hear about your bad experience:(


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