Monday, October 5, 2009

Majolica Majorca & Intergate Love from Taiwan & Lunasol purchase!

hope everyone had a great wknd like i did. I had a meetup with my gf from Taiwan, she is a singaporean working in taiwan. So she make frequent trips to and fro Singapore and taiwan. We had authentic thai food from Golden Mile (its like little Bangkok here) and i grabbed 3 thai CDs too, 2 from rock boyband Clash and 1 from a lady singer named Punch (it sounds like this). And we headed to Clarke Quay for some drinks at Cuba Libre. No pics on food and drinks as we were too occupied with catching up with each other.
She knows that i'm a cosmetics addict and i had been grumbling about the overpriced majolica and stuffs to her so here's what she got for me! Just for your information, Majolica majorca items are 30% less in taiwan than what SG is selling. I was so excited when she says she got something for me!
I received a total of 7 palettes, 3 from Majolica Majorca, 1 from KATE, 3 from Shiseido Intergate. Seems like these palettes will keep me occupied for some time... Not to forget the gloss she got for me, the honey lip essence and the new pink gloss. Some nail polish, blushes and an eyeliner.

So i'm adding these babies to my cosmetic collection. Last but not least, my blog sale items from Pricillia arrived... i only realise that she is a fellow singaporean after seeing sending her my orders... she is really sweet and fast in responding...
the box are almost brand new....

this is my 1st Lunasol palette, shade in 04 yellow variation & lunasol blush in coral.
really feel bad about having to shop abit too much so most of my post recently are all about haul and not much about how i use them. So my goal for this month, i'm gonna upload some new swatches and reviews... and i'm in the midst of getting my giveaway ready so stay tuned!


  1. Ah your friend is so nice to bring you back so many lovely goodies! I really want to try those MM blushers, so pretty and a good price. Oh nice blog sale buy! Lunasol stuff is supposed to be awesome and I love how their palettes are laid out. Eee I've been shopping too much and I need to do more reviews/swatches to justify new purchases too. XD Need to hit pan on stuff! hehe

  2. OMG you are soooo lucky!!!! :) I love everything there including those two you bought from the blog sale, how can i miss that!!! :) Looking forward to your swatches

  3. Wow, so lucky, great haul your friend is super nice. I love all the palettes she got you. I've seen that honey lip essence and almost bought it, you have to review it soon!

  4. great stuff!! ooh i listen to clash and punch too hehe but i think my fav thai singer right now is lydia, calorie blah blah, and tatoo colour ^__*

    i'm so jealous of you! you got so much make up to play with now can't wait to hear your thoughts on the e/s palettes you got especially the lunasol one!

    i have also heard great reviews about the MM honey gloss so will wait to see what you think!

  5. You're friend is so sweet to bring you all the goodies from Taiwan. Aww...your first Lunasol palette. I still have not get my hand on Lunasol yet.

  6. nice loot! I love the selection and prices of cosmetics in TW!! I practically hauled back half of Watsons when I was there in May.. lol..

  7. What an awesome friend you have, Karen! That is one amazing haul! :) Plus, I love you Lunasol goodies too!

  8. omg so lovely!! majolica majorca, ive been looking at those lately, u rso lucky especially getting it from taiwan is super cheap!!! so lucky, suxh a great haul

    u got great stuff :Dthanks for sharing


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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