Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mascara Review 8: Imju Fiberwig

I nearly gave up on this and it does give me a surprise, i got this as i saw the before and after pic on eki lashes. Seems to work really amazingly and amy support this statement as well so i thought why not just try.

Day 1, i tried this mascara as usual the formula seems a bit more watery compare to many others. Yes, i do see fibres but don't feel that they land on my lash so as i was in quite a rush on that day, i declare this mascara as a failure.

Day 2: i woke up exceptionally early for the day so i have all the time in the world to prepare myself so i decided to revisit this mascara before dumping for blog sale and i was amazed. This mascara is more like a slow performer compare to the rest i have. you really have to take time to apply layer by layer guess thats why the fibres would not stick onto my lash as i layer them when they are still wet.

Enough of my review, see pics below

the brush is a bit thick thus staining my lid

long lashes...
it does hold my lashes up in curl
after a day work, before removing makeup i decided to layer my lash with this mascara as it works by layering the fibres. So heres my findings:

i'm luving the result i got by adding additional 2 layers on top.
But, i'm a multi task mum who has to do a lot of stuffs earl in the morning like preparing my kids for school and myself for work so unless i have tons of time this would be my HG.


  1. aww... I havent try this one yet, but the MJ lash expander is a really nice mascara to try

  2. I've used this mascara and I like it :) I'm glad that it's working well for you!

  3. hey Siz, I got Fiber Wig too, I really like this mascara apart from the volume bit, it really does build on length and yes you do neeed a lot of coats, I usually just keep on brushing until I see the length I want hehe :) sounds a bit crazy hey :)

  4. Great review, I've always read about it. Thanks for letting me know that it's a good mascara only if you take the time to work it.

  5. great review.
    the fiberwig is probably one of the first mascaras I bought when I first got into makeup, and i have to say i love too.

    FYI. sephora also sells this now

  6. this was my first mascara and i still love it very much! :)

  7. I like this mascara as well but I am also lazy and have no time in the morning so yeah this is not good if you don't have time to coat your lashes :)

    I also wanted to try the small angle brush one that came out with, suppose to be good to get in the inner corners

  8. this doesnt really work for me as it drops/shed a lot for me
    not sure if i am doing something wrong

    it makes ur lashes really pretty though [despite the time]

  9. Ohh how cool that you found a new HG mascara. I love your mascara reviews and pictures. I'm super interested in this mascara now. ^^ The fibers look like they really lengthen the lashes. Thanks for the review and sharing Karen!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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