Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mascara Review 7: Jill Stuart Mascara


Its time to review something from my Jill Stuart haul which some of the gals are curious about. Just to let you know that this mascara was not on my list when i was doing shopping but when i saw it, i was like i want it. As the SA who was serving was wearing it and she did her lashes so well that for a moment i thought it was fake lashes but she told me her long lashes are created by using this mascara so how can i reject buying it. The packaging was so bling, jewel on the cap and it certainly makes me feel like a princess with its fruity scent, yea you did not see wrong this mascara smells fruity... In fact all their stuffs smell fruity and the jewel packaging which makes you feel rather pamper at times.

This mascara has a comb like brush like what majolica majorca mascara brush looks like.

naked lashes
can you tell how happy i was with the lengthening effect this mascara had done to my lashes.
the formula is slightly thicker than majolica majorca so two coat seems like the max. But i did some touch-up for the lash tip to somehow extend them.
they certainly keep my lashes curl up all day. The removing part is similarly difficult as majolica majorca ones. But the lengthening part amazed me.
Have i tempt you not enough on Jill Stuart??


  1. Yes you have!! i'm gonna add it on my list now.. LOL
    btw, my cousin has gotten the JS mook for me, i think there's more in kino.. =)

  2. Wow this worked great on you, your lashes really lengthened !!! :)

  3. now I wish I should of added this to my JS shopping list haha!

    I love the packaging and the mascara looks great :)

  4. Hi Karen!

    Ah cool about the fruit scent and I have never used a comb mascara before, look interesting. The results are super good, glad you found a great mascara! :)

  5. *nods* You have. :) I have never heard of a fruity-smelling mascara. Must be delightful! Your lashes look amazing, Karen.

  6. You have tempted me. :) I am imagining the fruity smell! The packaging is beautiful.

  7. looks like an amazing mascara! wish we had access to JS!

    I'm a new follower =)

  8. Luv your mascara reviews, your lashes have certainly lengthened with the JS.


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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