Thursday, October 22, 2009

Review & EOTD: Intergate e/s BR780

This eyeshadow was my 1st intergate e/s palette from my dearest friend who work in Taiwan but she shutter somehow frequent between singapore and taiwan and never fail to give ma surprises... i only told her that i heard of this range and she got like not 1 or 2 but 3 lovely palette for me yae! I tested on BR780 today.

i love how this palette was packaged, straight forward instruction for beginner like to on how exactly to do up my eyes.

closer look on the shades, the texture is finer than majolica palette which i really like and long lasting for the matte liner.

pearly champagne, bronze brown, matte dark brown, pearly white

  1. pearly champagne to apply all over lid
  2. bronze brown on crease
  3. matte brown as liner on lash line and half of lower lash line
  4. pearly white half of lower lash line
  5. MUFE eyeliner on inner eyeliner

here's the overview of my lash done.

I'm in the midst of preparing my giveaway, any ideas on what items should i be including??


  1. Hello my dear, those colors look absolutely gorgeous on you! I love palettes, they take all the thinking out of doing make-up haha.

    And you should definitely try out circle lenses! Just for the sake of having fun with it! When I first started wearing them I realized I looked a lot more awake with them on.

  2. This palette is so pretty! Your friend is the sweetest!

  3. omg so pretty,its simple but pretty !mine never this pretty !haha

  4. Beautiful warm browns--really lovely on your eyes!

  5. wow it's very pretty you know looking at how you do your make up it's completely different to how i do mine hehe it's very interesting to see

  6. Oh you have such a sweet friend! The palette looks so pretty Karen and I love the instructions too. ^^ The colors look super pretty on you.

    haha I did buy way too many masks. I def. let you know what you should buy and what you should avoid. :)

  7. This is a really nice EOTD! I like the neutral browns with the pearl color on you. So pretty and ideal for everyday!

  8. I don't wear e/s but I really like the colors of this's looks pretty on your eyes....

  9. I think these colors look pretty on your eyes, Have always loved these tones!


  10. i love the palette and the colors! very nice for everyday wear

    i can't wait to try the one you are sending me hehe

  11. i love your eotd! these colors are very pretty and simple for everyday! :)

  12. Pretty!! I only have one integrate palette and it wasn't too impressive. But this new collection looks pretty promising =)

  13. Yup I asked for a cp for the new integrate palettes.. hope she manages to find for me..

    I find Sephora online has much better deals definitely.. the SG store is so ex and don't have lots of brands.. how do u usually order though? I don't have a US CC so have to join spree.. which usually takes a very long time and sale items go OOS.. lol..

  14. thanks god !
    u are the only one who has the answer !yeahh i guess i dont like girly look tahts why i dont like loose earrings !lol
    they are pretty but i dont like girly look,so its just not for me
    thanks !hahaha

  15. Hmmm I have no idea where you can get GEO lenses in Singapore. I ordered mine from Canada from Toronto Circle Lens

    I am not sure if they ship internationally though! But if you can, I definitely suggest trying them out :] The are fun!

  16. Tat palette is really pretty, I love the colors and ur eyes look so gorgeous with those colors, by the much does it cost?

  17. i have this eyeshadow palette, too! i haven't used it yet, so now i can't wait to try it!

  18. well I was in France for work, and didn't really have any spare time for shopping/sightseeing.. plus I was in Cannes, which is fairly boring, unlikely perhaps Paris.. lol.. travelling for work is a lot less fun then a holiday..

    and i wanted to thank you for offering to spread some integrate love to me.. hehehe.. Usually i just ask my friends/colleagues who are gg overseas to CP stuff for me.. takes a while too.. to meet them and collect the stuff after they get back..

  19. your eye looks so pretty with this e/s..
    i always like this natural shade of e/s..

  20. I love both the packaging and the color. very good for everyday look.

  21. i really like the look. The colors would be nice for day looks. Thanks

  22. oh i resisted buying this range from integrate
    god knows why cos i love their stuff
    i might have to go for another look now


  23. Your EOTD looks so pretty and the colours are so versatile- me likey!!

  24. oh~!! It's pretty!!
    I take your blog photo scrap!!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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