Friday, October 9, 2009

Majolica Majorca Comparison TW vs SG

Decided to do a post on this to show you gals the difference in the product from TW and SG. Actually there is no difference except the product information.

(left TW, right SG)
this is the latest cheek highlighter from them. I happen to have both TW & SG version.

The back of the product is different as the tw version has detailed chinese explanation of the product but the SG version only have a miserable tag on the ingredient.

closeup on the TW version, it even has pic to tell you how to pull out the highlighter, instructions on how to use, expiry date in bold, ingredient list

SG version is only ingredient, despite having the pic too but instructions all in Japanese language.

as for the price most item are cheaper by 30% in taiwan than its selling in SG.


  1. Thanks for the comparison Karen! Everything in Singapore sounds like it would be more expensive like this blush and OPI nail polishes. That's too bad. I can't wait for your mask review, I'm excited. You're right, I'm a total mask junkie haha. I want to order some Silk Whita from sasa while it's BOGO but I don't really need them lol.

  2. That's weird! In MY, they'll stick an English description over the Japanese instructions.

  3. yaya... same as Blair, all of my MJ purchase from Watson in M'sia are labeled with english description

  4. here is labeled in Japanese...Karen, can u pleaase also do a swatch on this?I really want to see how ur cheeks look like after applyin it, thanks^^

  5. how much is this blush in Taiwan and SG?
    i'm with Zoe, please do a swatch on this.. =D

  6. Hmmm...super interesting info on the difference in packaging and price! I wished they'd be more uniform.

  7. that's weird how the back and information is so different but the same product! I wish everything was cheaper in SG hehe so shopping can be easier for you!

    the highlighter looks cute, how do you like it?

  8. Thanks for comparing.....I think the only difference are the price..:D I love majolica majorca's packaging though...

  9. ooh thats interesting to read!
    yes due to current exchange rate, mm is cheaper in taiwan than here in japan


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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