Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blush Review 1: Jill Stuart Blush 01 Baby Blush

Hi all,

I'm alright still alive and kicking. Just fell sick recently, from gastric flu, menses cramp till running nose... Bad things just comes together! This is quite a overdue post actually meant to be post last wk but i was down, thus the posting now.

i fell in love with Jill Stuart product, the scent and packaging got me hooked! I'm reviewing the mixed blush compact that i got from HK previously. i got it in shade 1 baby blush, with really soft pink and coral.

i'm using 1 + 4 for my cheek today. It gives a light pinkish + radiant coral mix.

They look pigment on skin. And make my cheek so radiant looking!

side view w/ sunlight

side view w/ room light

i really like this blush a lot, thinking of getting more of them or collect them all haha...

Whats your fav blush that you love or looking forward to own.


  1. oh, i don't know that you don't feel well.. hope you get better soon =)

    OMG, i can't wait to get the JS blush.. the blush really looks great on your cheek...

  2. I LOVE Jill looks very pretty!

  3. hope you feel better! :)

    love the blush on you. so pretty!

  4. I hope u'll get well soon Karen..Take a lot of rest..
    The blush is really cute, I love the color on u , I have always been wanting to get JS stuff but hey are so pricey, great review^^

  5. Oh, this blush is really pretty! Like it on your fair skin.

  6. Hey dear,hope you are ok now..speedy recovery k...the JS blusher really look good on you! *thumbs up*

  7. hope u get well soon :)
    JS blush is really subtle

  8. Such pretty pinks! I love it! My fav at the moment is Benefit's Coralista, it's my everyday blush. But I definitely need a new baby pink one like this for the winter.

  9. i love js blushes! i want more too!

    the js blush really gives you a nice romantic glow, so pretty

  10. Hey Hun I didn't know you were sick, I hope your feeling better. Love your JS blush, can't wait till I have my own. =)

  11. OMG this color look sooooo pretty on you. ^__^

  12. I love this one too!! haha we had the same taste =D I'm wearing it today =D

  13. wah pink blush!!!

    so so pretty!!!, love the pink!

    thanks for sharing

  14. For pictures and swatches of the Sunset palette:

    For pictures of the Graphite palette: (or simply go to the Sleek site, or Fb page...although you'd miss the swatches).

    Check out this for more Sunset photos and for the complete range of palettes (minus the Graphite one):

  15. Very pretty indeed and sorry to hear that you're feeling under the weather. I like Chantecaille's cheek shade, definitely my favorite as yet.

  16. jill stuart is too pretty for its own good!
    i'm glad you like the fiberwig mascara, i can't live without it!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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