Thursday, October 8, 2009

Overloaded Love from Amy!

Amy and i were having this swap thing, it started off when i offered to get her Jill Stuart stuffs as i'm heading Hk previously. And i would really love to get some stuffs from US, most of the brand are like aliens to me but i just want to try something new. Its always like that, amy wants to try brands i can access easily. So heres what i got!

Illamasqua powder blush in Lover (vibrant apricot)
Kiehl lip balm
Smashbox Reign Blush
Smashbox Reign Eyeshadow
Perricone MD skin hydrator
Juicy Blemish gone to go
Too faced gloss brooch
Cargo Suede Blush
DiorShow Black Out Look - Catwalk Eye Makeup
Star Light, Star Bright Set
CK Infinite Matte Oil-Free Foundation
CK Ultimate Edge Gel Eyeliner
CK Fashion's New Face Signature Collection
Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara
Splashstash Waterproof Deluxe Sampler

And this is the overloadedddd LOVE i talked about!
(this is my kids' writing table btw)
The extras occupied almost 50% of the box. Its filled with all kinds of stuffs that i can't get hold in Singapore! The pack on the right bottom, its all filled with samples of different kind... i was like WOW! And everything in that pack i have yet try any... She is really such a sweetie, i'm gonna make sure i will do that for her in round 2! I already know and gotten some stuffs for her.
She specially got me a smashbox powder, its highly raved.. i will be doing review of each and every of the love above... This gal really makes my day! ok gonna get busy swatching and testing them!!


  1. Hi Karen!

    Wow what an awesome love bomb from Amy, she is super generous and nice! Your package to her was very very nice as well. Everything looks so nice, I would totally appreciate you thoughts on the Illamasqua blush and Cargo suede blush. I'm addicted to Cargo now haha. Those Almay eye makeup remover pads are supposed to be great as well. Enjoy all your lovely presents, can't wait for more of your mascara reviews.

    Thanks for commenting Karen! I use bronzer in a 3 shape along the side of my face (forehead, cheek bone hollows, and jaw line) to define and give warmth to my face. I saw it on many youtube videos haha. The Cargo bronzer is pretty dark though so it'll probably look best on medium skin tones, you're pretty light right? hhaha judging from your pretty nail/hand pictures

  2. Wow..Amy is such a sweetheart to get u all those nice stuff^^, I saw ur package on her blog too and I think it was a greatwsap between u too, looking forward on ur reviews*

  3. Wow you are so lucky so many stuff!!! yeahhh :)

  4. that's a love!!
    please do review if you've used them.. =)

  5. love bomb indeed!

    i've never tried swaps before, how interesting!

  6. wow wow wow!!! great swap...u 2 deserve the very best..*hugs* rem to review..i would love to see your review on it

  7. O.O!! great swap! Amy is so sweet! please review some products when you have the chance! :)

  8. Karen!
    Glad you like and are enjoying all the goodies I sent you :) It will take awhile to try them all as I am still trying out stuff from your 1st package! Have fun!

  9. What a fabulous swap you and Amy have achieved. Do let us know how you go with the products :)

  10. :D

    Enjoy your swap goodies, Karen! They are all so fabulous!

  11. Wow...U & Amy had the best swap I've ever seen saw far....:D

  12. What a sweet love bomb you got from Amy! Great swap!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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