Saturday, April 10, 2010

Swatch & Review: Revlon Photostay Foundation 002 Vanilla

I'm kinda enjoying my lazy sat this week as it all started with rain! so the weather was exceptionally cooling with strong breeze.. finally able to break free from the humid & hot weather we had been through recently. Since my kids are taking their nap, i decided to blog haha.. I'm gonna do the review on my HG status foundation, ya another HG foundation? But its from drugstore.. when HG is tied up with drugstore brands its perfect as i can stock up double on what i did to high-ends one.

Heres the review: (i experimented everyday yesterday!)

Need i say more about this fab stuff that everyone is raving about, its unbelievably good. I never thought i would give such thumbs up to revlon.. Amy chose the shade for me and its PERFECT, i'm NC15 btw! It also contains SPF contents as i'm not the kind who would apply sunscreen prior to makeup.

This foundation really give me the air-brush feel even though i hasnt; try air-brush makeup before. But sort of seen thru youtube.

heres how the foundation formula looks like, its kinda watery compare to the MAC one i'm using. I would describe it as lotion like texture.

It comes in pump bottle, normally i would use 3/4 pump for my full face makeup.
Are you ready to witness the difference?
For start, i'm using pic which i ONLY put on my routine skincare also known as bare face. So you can see the countless flaws i have on my skin that awaits for cure.

this pic shows the side view of my face, look at my scarring and redness..

more closeup, front view more redness, scarring and open pores..
Time for the AFTER PIC!
redness gone and scarring reduce significantly! btw, i never put on any concealer. Just to let you know that this foundation is very buildable to hide away those flaw.
Now you know why i'm liking it.
Overall Review:
I love this foundation, its formula is buildable to conceal scarring & redness, affordable so i can stock more, sweatproof (relating post coming up), long lasting formula that minimum touchup require! The finished look airbrush, lightweight so you don't look like a geisha.. the hateful part is that i think this range din make it to my shore again.. So gonna swap or cp them home.
Any good foundation that you come across recently or using now?


  1. I love this foundation! It's really good!

  2. wow... the coverage is pretty good <3

  3. Glad you found another HG foundation! It looks really great on you but you have good skin before and after. :)

    It's cool that it has a pump and I don't notice the sparkly effect on you a lot of other people complain about. ^^ Aww too bad it's not coming to Singapore but you got lots of blogger buddies who will help you get this good stuff.

  4. Glad that you love this foundation too! :D Yes, it is pretty sad that it is not available in Singapore. I got to stock up on this in Sydney before moving back! :)

  5. Wow! I was really wondering about this foundation and you came up with a review on it.
    Thank you!

    btw, you havent received the pack from me yet?
    If not, im gonna go with a tracking number to the post office and try to track it from here...

  6. Hmmmm, now I feel like I HAVE to try this foundation! Everyone loves it!

  7. This is a FAB foundation! I've got the PhotoReady 004 Nude and it's perfect for my NC25 complexion!

  8. wow! the coverage is amazing and it didnt look thick or cakey at all! but why do u say that it didnt make it for u? hmm..
    it's too sad that it's not here in my country yet and I wouldnt dare to purchase it over the net with the fear of getting the wrong shade :(

    anyway, thx for the lovely comments! the mag shoot cant be release by me before it's up and it might take few mths... but u made my day~ :D

  9. i'm glad you are loving this! :) i have 2 back ups for you ready to send out your way soon!!

  10. I'm also using this foundation...but I'm not so sure if it's the right shade for me..

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  12. wanna ask if the foundation causes breakout and whether its long lasting??

  13. so far, nope it works pretty well for my combination skin. Long lasting, i would rate it medium as i tried better performing ones...

  14. Hi there, care to share what are the better performing ones?? have been looking for long lasting foundation that is not too thick but havent found any!

  15. hi, for foundation you might want to try out max factor long lasting foundation. Its pretty lasting for indoor, dry condition and would not turn patchy after wearing for a while.


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