Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holiday craving fix Ice & Snow World from Harbin, China

I'm gonna give myself a beauty post break, this post is to fix my holiday craving. I'm in need of some holiday treats.. while thinking/dreaming about it. i was reminded of my trip to Harbin (china). Its a place, i would love to go back again.. here's some pics i have to share about the place... not much though as our camera couldn't really fully function in such cold weather!

i went to harbin in Jan 2008, was really lucky as the event would only open when the weather is cold enough. Otherwise, you would be visiting these without lightings.. It was their 10th year hosting it. Its all made from ICE!

here's hows the entrance looks like from the back. Its huge and the word magnificent just dash across my mind on this one.

this is a snow buddlha statue. Made 100% from snow.. see the man in background as scale on how big it is.

a palace alike building made from ice using traditional theme shade lighting
wana catch the splendid view of the whole area. take this hot air balloon for the best view!

castle like building made from ice, its really TALL!

Pagoda made from ICE.

this is the overview on how long this entrance stretches to. (my camera just cant fit in)

have you tried slide made of ice? its pretty interesting but too slippery to try.


i found this stall selling frozen sugared fruit. its really really hard as the temp was -30 degrees.. definitely not suitable for ppl who can bite.

strawberry, gingkos

haw, pineapple, grape, gingko.

Hope that you gals like the post... for more info on Harbin.


  1. Wow...Harbin looks like a fantastic place, really love to go there one day, thanks so much for sharing wit us Karen^^

  2. I wish to go there once in my life...thanks for sharing...

  3. Thanks for sharing! I've always wanted to go to Harbin! Yummie sweeties!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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