Sunday, April 4, 2010

Top Coat Woes anyone?

Hi all,

Remember that i swatch on the MAC Blissed out polish the other day. Guess what? The polish simply started chipping off & peels after just 2 days of wear. Its definitely no acceptable! The reason is because i used Poshe Super-Fast Drying TopCoat, a different top coat than my usual HG Seche Dry Fast Top Coat as i was not able to locate it for a while.

Heres the pic on the peeling & chipping just after 2 days, so its worst on the next day..

Clearer view of the peeling & chipping.
So i would like to know what kind of top coat do you use & perform its best on you? As i heard good & bad about Poshe so i decided to buy some time back, was pretty disappointed with it.


  1. Poor thing! Try Out the Door...get it from my Salon.

  2. I sometimes use Inglot's diamond top coat, but only with cheaper nailpolishes. When I use OPI, Essie or Rimmel Pro I don't use anything.

  3. oh, have u tried the face shop top coat? or maybe etude house top coat,i think they are cheap but work pretty nice

  4. I'm using Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Fortifying Base & Top Coat. It's inexpensive, doubles as a base coat and works well for a drugstore top coat.

  5. Too bad for the chipping! Thanks for letting us know about Poshe, I'll avoid it from now on. Your NOTD and Konad stamping was so cute too. My HG is Seche Vite Fast Dry like you... I also like Face Shop Top Coat but it doesn't compare to Seche Vite. :( Maybe you could ask one of your swappers for it?

  6. Sorry to hear about the chipping, Karen. =( I use Seche Vite too.

  7. Aww. Yea, like I said, I just quickly add one layer of a regular topcoat before I add Seche Vite on top and tipping all layers and that works really well for me, not only for preventing chips but also for keeping any sort of nail art on. HTH!

  8. thanks for letting us know about poshe...I'm currently using sally hansen which is not that bad....but I really have to get hold of seche vite...


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