Friday, April 23, 2010

My Bursting Swap package with Kasia!

This is a long overdue post all becoz of post office delay, did this swap with Kasia in Jan and only reach me days ago. Kasia is from Poland.. very nice gal and while chatting with her sometime back we decide to do a swap as i'm just wondering whats available at her side of the world which i would not even heard of. She too, wanted to get her hands on asian brand. Soo all was surprise, and it def end up to be a BIG ONE!

i love makeups and curious about inglot so she got me some in very wearable colors which i will do relating post of these soon.

Suhada is a russia brand, which i have not even heard of. See without this swap i would never have access to this. So curious to try out.

I love this e/s duo see next pic & you know Y!
This is a 1st e/s i saw that indicate the expiry date! isnt it good that you dun have to recall when you start using them and count the mths..
two surprise packs filled with makeups from her
Miss Sporty is a UK brand, see what i have gloss & POLISHES!!
she included a bag is samples for me to try on
so many stuffs to try out.. i would def need help from her to check out what the packaging means haha

Lotsa organic skincare from her!

closeup on how the packaging looks
on the left is the thermal water that she is currently loving, i gonna try!

i wane try all of these natural stuffs. my skin had enough of those man-made ones
soap i guess..

and she ended this package with a lovely letter. See how sweet is she. Oh ya, she included a package of gummy candy but they were all grabbed up by my gals before pic taking! Just wana tell her i love everything she had included.


  1. Nice swap package! The soap bars looks so cute!

  2. Wow, you got a really awesome package there! :D

  3. wow lots of goodies to play with. Can't wait to read more about it:)

  4. wow! great swap! you both really had a fabulous swap with each other :)

  5. Aww :) I'm so happy it finally reached you. I didnt know Suhada is Russian brand myself. I was always thinking it's German haha oh well...
    did you get Golden Rose stuff? I got you a blush and a lipstick, but I havent seen it on the pic. Hope it didnt get stolen lol
    and if you need any help with something, cuz there's no english, let me know dear:)

  6. wow....nice swap.....please tell me if you liked the inglot stuff....I'm curious about the product...


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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