Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Konad Addiction started with May's Package:

I'm a nail polish addict, only limiting to nude, neutral or pinky range though. I discover i have a thing for nail stamping. Always wanted to try it out but as i got a never ending wishlist that will take forever to fulfil so i had put this on hold for ages..

I was twittering with may for the past few weeks and got to know she also have a thing for this. So i ask for her help in getting the kit!

This was what i received from her, its more than just this a kit. she added the p&j powder (the packaging is so pretty!!), lip balm, lip gloss, masks (did you know she is a Masks Queen! huge collection of masks), some vit C orange drink sachet (tasty!!)

HOORAY! to my 1st kit which is a sign of many more konad stuffs to come! I love this kit that comes with 1 konad plate M2, white polish, scraper, stamper. Good kit to start off with

they have detailed step by step instruction on how to make it works. i managed to try it out. guess practice makes perfect.. i'm working on my konad shopping list already.. so expect more of it to come.

Any good links to get konad stuffs from?


  1. Congrats on getting ur 1st Koand! Can't wait to see ur konadicures! :D

  2. oh the konad kit seems awesome~
    i know, isn't P&J packaging the cutest? hehehehe

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  4. I still have to get the konad kit.....May is such a sweetheart...

  5. Can't wait to see your nails with konad stamp.

  6. Konading looks so cool! Great love package from May. So many goodies.

    Good places to buy Konad: WowSoCool and OCNailArt. Good luck!


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