Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nail Swatch: Etude House Polish No.39

Hi all,

i'm back after 2 days rest days and sometime away from computers, tried to resist in switching it on so i can spend some quality time with my gals & family. But when my polish start chipping off, i just can't stop myself on removing them for new coat.

this is my 1st polish from Etude House, its a shimmery pinklish color from the look of the bottle. I notice that for Japan or Korea their polish does not have fancy names like OPI, ColorClub etc instead they gave each polish its very own model number.

Its very different this time as i normally take swatch pics early in the morning before heading out for work. This time i took the pic outdoor slightly 3 hours later as usual with strong sunlight.

Let me know how you gals think, is the quality better?

This is a shimmery orangey pink color that will compliment fair/medium skin. See how bright & shimmery it is under the sun.

The bottle is cute in clear glass bottle, The price (i can't remember) but think its an affordable range to try out as they have a wide range of colors. Their formula is not as rich and thick compare to OPI. Its like a better The Face Shop version but slightly thinner than Majolica Majorca. Hope i'm not confusing you gals.

Wana know what Kasia sent me in the swap package? Find out on the next post!


  1. This is soooo pretty! I think sunlight pictures are the best for capturing the colors of things. I love how the bottle looks too!

  2. Love the shade! You got pretty great lighting for this swatch :)

  3. its brighter = nicer pictures! hehe while i always take pictures at night = lousy quality and i have to retake them again..i think the quality for etude polishes is better in this series than the other series for etude(the smaller and thiner version) and this colour is nice!!

  4. That is a stunning shade!! I am using something similar by Kiss today but it is very glittery..this look so much fresher!

  5. i really really love Etude House nail polish.... I love them <3

  6. Wow, the swatches are gorgeous! I love the nail polish a lot! It's the perfect peachy nude! Now, where can I get my hands on this? ;)

  7. I looove the color and packaging! Etude House products are so adorable <3

  8. the color is subtle but it pops beautifully! :)

  9. thanks for the swatch! i think it's very office safe which is always thumbs up in my books!


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