Friday, April 9, 2010

Review: KATE Eyeliner Frame Impact Marker

Hi Gals,

Hows your week so far, i'm good as today is FRIDAY! sounds great right. i just can't wait for the week to end in few hours time! Today, i'm gonna review on this eyeliner that Amy is curious about. Its part of my Taiwan Stash from friend few weeks back. So its still piping hot new i guess as din make it to singapore shore.

One thing i have to admitted that i was tempted to try this as Kathi blogged about this marker and i feel so interested to try out. I couldn't find the actual english name so i copied from kathi's one. Hope you dun mind gal...

KATE is a japanese brand with attitude with sleek packaging that i quite fond of! So i din hestiate too much in getting this and their foundation (which i will review in a while).

This marker is also called as fork eyeliner by some...

The packaging is simple and nice. I always like their black packaging!

Instruction in chinese as it purchased in Taiwan. The pic is clear in delivering the msg on how to use, simply dot it on the gap between the lashes.

Btw, this cost me NT300 approx SGD15 or USD10

Close up on the unique fork design.

the ink kinda smudge when swatched on skin anyway its not meant for creating fine lines..

Here's my before pic which i lined my outer lid with K Palette Eyeliner (review coming soon) and inner liner with L'oreal HIP Chrome liner (HG status, review coming soon).

Spot the difference, now my liner look so intensely black.

Finished look!

Overall Review:

I'm loving this eyeliner marker, its a MUST HAVE if you are getting smoky eyes or want to achieve dense looking lashes.. Its simple to use, easy to remove (just by using cotton bud). Price is affordable, in my opinion not sure how much online store are selling. The setback is that its not yet available at my shore so my beloved GF gonna continue to be my personal shopper bringing me more backups.


  1. oh, sounds interesting. is it like liquid form or pencil form? curious

  2. Interesting eyeliner. Thanks for another great review. It looks great!

  3. haha thats a pretty unique eyeliner :x Thanks for the review :)


  4. OOH what a *cool* shape! Very interesting concept for a liner. Thanks for sharing! :D

  5. Wow great review and pictures on the Kate Eyeliner Marker Karen!! Now I really want it and I don't even line my eyes haha. It really does make your lashes seem fuller and thicker, so cool. Your eyes look really pretty. :)

  6. this product sounds great, i really want it now!

  7. i've been looking for this!! but the only way I can get it is by ordering it online *sigh* i've read so many great reviews on this nifty product ^__^

  8. I got this! But I don't know how to use it! I keep poking my eyes. :(


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