Monday, April 12, 2010

Nail Swatch: MAC Coconut Ice from Lillyland Collection

Yet again, Monday! weekends just past in a wink, how i wish wknd could be longer. Nothing much happen for me, at least no damage to mention for my purse this wk. Am i saying this too early? As i just spotted some great illasmaqua deals on i'll try to curb my shopping urge, so we'll see.

For today, i'm swatching on MAC new polish from MAC Lillyland Collection. I fell in love when i saw the swatches on Its out of my usual style of nudey, neutral liking. Erm i only realise how bright it is when i have it on. Supposed to play around with my konad kit but was caught by the sleeping bug yesterday so i napped almost half the day. Maybe another day! Back to swatch!

This is a BRIGHT coral pink, which definitely makes your nails stands out of your usual style. Especially when i preferred to dress in dull black & white.

See even in room light, they look bright too. Now i'm trying to be more adventurous in swatching loud colors. As my gal asked me "mummy, can you paint your nails in green as i don't like pink" I was like Oops, do i have too much pinks. But i would need some time to acquire those loud shades.. So stay tuned for more.
Gonna get back to work and chase my blues away!


  1. Oh this is a gorgeous color Karen!! I regret not picking one up when the collection was out, boo. Yay for venturing outside your usual comfort zone, there are some really pretty mint greens for you and your daughters to try. :)

  2. ah you have it! i've been wanting this for a while now..its so pretty! you definitely have to get out of your comfort zone more, brights look great on your hands! :D

  3. this is a beautifully bright colour! I don't usually go for pinks, but this one looks really cheery =)

  4. Coral pink is so trendy in this season and this one is just gorgeous! I really like your nails' shape as well :)

  5. OMG that is the CUTEST pink ever!!

  6. Your nails look delicious LOL!! Thats a gorgeous shade of wonderful coral/peach.


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