Saturday, April 10, 2010

Review: DHC Lip Cream revisited!

Hi all,

remember i did a review on DHC Lip Cream days ago..

After trying it out for more days, i started to have a bit of liking towards it. As its HIGHLY ADDICTIVE to apply endless layers since it glide on my lips so smoothly. The plus point is that its fragrance free & tasteless so you will be likely to taste your own lipstick or gloss flavor instead of a mix. I would say its would be safe for kids. Oh i notice that the fine lines on my lower lips seems to flatten by bulldozer or something, which i was surprised of. And after checking out my nearby drugstore its for sale @ SGD16.00 each. These are the additional findings i have after reviewing it for more days that makes me feel more worth for what i got..



  1. Changing my mind about a product after a few more days happens to me too! ^^ Glad you're liking it now. I'm starting to also want it since you said it is smoothing out the fine lines of your lips. :)

  2. hmmm i think i will have to start using mine up again!! curing fine lines sounds great!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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