Monday, April 5, 2010

Review: DHC Lip Cream

Its monday!! weekend are gone in just a breeze and my lip balm too. I finally finish my carmex lip balm, not bad it hit the base in just 2 months.

See my carmex, twisted to the max! But still some product left.

I'm off to explore yet another lip product! This time, i'm trying out the DHC Lip Cream which i received from AmyAmy recently. It was on sale at about USD7.50 each.

Here's the info extracted from DHC website:

Lip service.
Blended with emollients, including squalane and aloe, this formula is amazingly smooth-gliding. Free radical neutralizers in olive oil and vitamin E defend against feather line creators and collagen deflators. Lips receive long-lasting moisture, look less rough, and feel undeniably more luscious

This product is best to be consume in 6 months, i like the sweet pink lipstick alike packaging.

it looks exactly like a lip balm than its name lip cream. Its transparent when swatched.

Overall Review:
The packaging is nice & sweet looking to be carry around for touchup & such. Its easy to apply smooth gliding on lips and great to use as base on lipstick. For the price, its kinda steep to get to use in the day only as its isnt performing for night.

Day use: I would say its ok to be use for day use,very lightweight & mild but you need to re-apply frequently in the day. Since it would kinda absorb or dry up in a while.

Night use: Its not a suitable formula to be use for night as it can hardly last you till morning. I realised that my lips are dry up & wrinkled when i wake up in the morning. For night use a thicker formula would better as the application would have to see you thru from hours without re-applying.

I would be in search of better one after this one. Any other recommends one i should try?


  1. Awww, I loove love love this product! I had really good results with it. I hope you find something better soon : )

  2. the packaging is really nice
    have u tried Nivea A Kiss of Moisture? I think it is quite good. Aquafina lip treatment oil is love too

  3. I love everything DHC! However, this lip cream sounds mehhh to me :(

  4. Have you tried Aquaphor? It's my HG. =)

  5. smith's rose salve...for overnight use....

  6. I'm a lip balm addict so good job finishing the Carmex. Too bad the DHC is not HG for you, the packaging is so nice and luxurious. I strongly suggest trying Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick. My HG and has awesome reviews on MUA. :)

  7. thanks for the review! this was actually one DHC product that I wanted to get my hands on to try

  8. Done of the DHC products work for me so far. I know what to include in your next package:)

  9. Aw, sad that it doesn't last that long. I'm also always on the hunt for the perfect lip balm.

  10. wow tat's alot alot and alot of lipbalm girl!
    hahaha anyway, i think the best lipbalm for me so far is still gonna be Burt's Bees =)


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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