Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: Shiseido Integrate Mineral Loose Powder #1

This is part of my new taiwan shopping stash.. and this product was released in Taiwan on 1 April so how can i miss it since my fren was there. I started to be fond of loose powder after using lunasol one which was a miniature (part of a lunasol trial set) i purchased last year.

I love using loose powder compare to compact foundation as i feels its more lightweight on skin. Its less likely to clog my pores as i apply using soft puff in light patting motion.

Guess minerals makeup are the next big thing in the cosmetic world, so i have to try this. Its also Shiseido Integrate 1st mineral makeup series i think. They released a total of 3 products for this range, one shade only bb cream, two shade only loose powder, three shade only compact foundation. i grab two out of their new range, which is the bb cream & loose powder.

The mineral loose powder comes in two shade #1 natural beige (suitable for light & fair), #2 (suitable for darker shade). So i bought #1 without hesitate as i would normally fit in the lightest shade.
all details printed are all in chinese as its the official language, this product can last up to 5 years!

Packaging comes in transparent tub with white lid, very clean & fresh look with some metallic red tagline printed: "be happy with the power of mineral" thats a interesting one isn't it.

Something worth mentioning is the puff attached, it has two side, feathery white (side A) and micro fibre like pink (side b). It has different purpose too.

Feathery White side: provide natural, light coverage

Velvet Pink side: provide flawless coverage.
(pardon for the stain as i was too excited wanting to use it)

the powder contains very mild shimmer which is suppose to bright up your feature. The only setback is probably this loose powder does not contain SPF but it doesn't bother me since i started using sunscreen, ok will come to sunscreen topic soon. The powder also looks dark but after application it seems ok.

Overall Review:

I like the coverage of this powder which you can control using the puff given. And the puff given isn't those cheapo & crap one that dun work, it works but will updated again after i wash it this wknd. hopefully it will, the powder contain slight shimmer which is still acceptable even though i prefer it without since its really fine & slight. After hours of wear, the finish is still ok probably need a little touchup. my skin look kinda flawless, pores are not so much noticeable as compare using lunasol one. No SPF so you need to use sunscreen prior to apply. Its hopping its way to my HG status list for now..
Now i'm thinking if i should ditch my lunasol one.. HELP!!


  1. this sounds interesting! i wish integrate was available here :(

  2. I should have pick this when I went to Taiwan! Regret it so much now :(

  3. the packaging is cute!! i'm loving minerals and loose powders these days too so this sounds like a great product! going on my wishlist!

  4. Does the loose powder with stand humidity?? I haven't seen this product in HK, but will have to search properly :)

  5. Hi,

    Any idea which part of Taiwan / stores I can buy these?



thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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