Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mascara Review 14: Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On

Another mascara review, as i wasn't so pleased with the Bobbi Brown one so decide to try one more. This is part of my recent stash from taiwan which i got it thru my friend. Majolica Majorca is brand that you gals should be familiar with especially their trademark durable mascara.

This is their 3rd edition, i think. Their mascara are famous for hard to remove too. Can you imagine i ever wore their mascara for swim & true its really waterproof.. haha

Back to review:

Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On

It comes in their signature packaging, the tube design look kinda similar to their previous collection except:

They added pink for this mascara design instead of the usual Black, gold or silver.

Something worth mentioning is their new wand design, which enable you to have lengthen & volumisinf effect with one mascara. You will have to apply step 1 for lengthening follow by the step 2 for volumising. I was quite skeptical about how this will work, but it did perform both functions.

my naked lash as usual

with one coat of the mascara, it lengthen my lash pretty well and hold them there in shape.

this is 2 coat, the result is even more visible. you can see that my lashes are seperated rather than clumping together since it mentioned volume.

It does curl pretty well and stay in shape till end of the day.

This is another mascara from majolica majorca collection but this time combine length & volume instead of their usual practice of one mascara for lengthening & another one for volume. It does work, but the dreadful part is removing. Even though i'm using Shu Uemura cleansing oil, it took me a bit of time to remove it. But on days when you are expected to stay outdoor for sports or travelling you might want to opt for this as your lashes can stay the same throughout the day. Price wise, its quite affordable, its selling approx SGD24.90 in Singapore. I would keep this in my mascara collection in case i need to stay outdoor for long period.


  1. i have this mascara, but i found it is hard to use..... and it doesn't work as well as Lash expander frame Plus.... do u have similar thoughts too?

  2. wow, it really does lengthen and volumize your lashes! I'm going to grab one if i see it :D
    Yap, I'm in Bintan already now. Going to Sg next week.. hehe

  3. Your lashes look great! Great tip to use it for outdoors, sports or traveling. =D

  4. hi thanks for visiting my blog :)
    I love Majolica mascara too. Except that it is so hard to remove it.

  5. I haven't tried any mm mascara yet...and i think I'm missing out a lot...

  6. Ooh, way impressed with the curling effect here!


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